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Media interventions

Interview on "Wage Equalization and Regional Misallocation", Faculti, 19/02/2022

Article on "Die Welt", 11/10/2021
Article on "Die Presse", 30/09/2021
Interview on "The Age of Economics", 20/06/2021

"EU Governments roll back wage support despite corona uncertainty", interview for Politico, 08/10/2020

Trento Festival of Economics 2020

Sven Giegold, Twitter, 08/06/2020
Italy Debates Permits For Undocumented Immigrants To Fill Seasonal Labor Shortages, npr, 28/04/2020
"The view of tha pandemic from Milan", Interview on The New Yorker, 16/03/2020

Interview: Prof. Tito Boeri & Prof. Jan van Ours discuss labour market economics, LISER, Luxembourg, 15/10/2019

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