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At Bocconi University, I have been teaching the following courses:

  • Social and Economic Networks  (Master Course)
  • Advanced Microeconomics   (Ph. D. course)
  • Complex Social Networks   (Ph. D. course)
  • Networks and Economic Development  (Ph. D. course)


At other universities I have previously taught, among others, the following courses:

  •     Microeconomics I & II   (Ph. D. courses, European University Institute)
  •     Complex Social Networks  (Ph. D. course, European University Institute)
  •     Advanced Microeconomic Theory  (Ph. D. course, Cornell University)
  •     Intermediate Microeconomics  (BA course, Cornell University)    
  •     Advanced Microeconomics  (Ph. D. course, University Pompeu Fabra)
  •     Evolutionary Game Theory  (Ph. D. course, QED, University of Alicante)
Last change 03/09/2022