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Econometric Methods for Finance and Macroeconomics

The objective of this course is to illustrate the relevance to model (stochastic) trends and cycles in macro-finance and in factor models.   We shall then illustrate the empirics by considering  the Bond market and the Stock market .  Data and draft versions of the R, MATLAB  and E-VIEWS codes for replication are made available here, as well as a reading list for the discussion.

EXAM: The exam consists of an essay that each student has to write individually. Each essay should be based on one of the articles included in the reading list. Different  students are not allowed to work on the same article. Each essay should contain three compulsory parts: 1) Replication of the main results in the original article 2) A referee's report on the article 3) A proposal, based on 1) and 2), for further research on the topic of the article. 

  1. Time Series Models of Trends and Cycles and Predictability of Financial Returns.

Returns at different Horizons 
Co-trending and predictability
Cointegration and Predictability of Stock Returns

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2. VARs and CVARs

     Statistical Representation
     Identification and Hypothesis-Testing with multiple cointegrating vectors
     Using VAR: Alternative Representation  
     Identification of Shocks: Statistical and Narrative 
     Description of VAR models
     Cointegration and Multivariate trend-cycle decompositions
     Global VARs
     Cointegrated VAR and Present Value Models
     VAR-based model evaluation in Macroeconomics

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3. An Introduction to the Empirical Forecasting of Bond yields and Inflation with R (Students' Presentation) 

DATABASE IN EXCEL (zipped file) 

Favero, Carlo A, Alessandro Melone, and Andrea Tamoni (2022) “Monetary policy and bond prices with drifting equilibrium rates,” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 1–26 

4. Models for the Term Structure

Asset Pricing with Time-Varying Expected Returns
Physical and Risk Neutral Probabilities
Bond YTM and HPR
Modelling the Term Structure
Forward Rates and Instantaneous Forward Rates
On the Importance of the Risk Premia
Factor Models of the Term Structure

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5. Recent Developments in Modelling Drifting Interest Rates (Students Presentation)  
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DATA AND R CODES FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION of the FF Affine Term Structure Model with trends and cycles

6. Forecasting Inflation  
Bernanke B., O.Blanchard(2023), What Caused the U.S. Pandemic-Era Inflation? 
ECB Economic Bullettin(2018) Interpreting Recent Developments in Market Based Indicators of Longer Term Inflation Expectations
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An excellent presentation by Ricardo Reis on Inflation Risk 

SLIDES, CODES AND DATA IN Eviews, CODES and DATA for the Replication of Bernanke and Blanchard in MATLAB  

7. Consumption and Asset Price Fluctuation, long-run risk

Consumption and Asset Pricing Puzzles
Long-run Consumption Growth
Stock returns and Cointegration between Consumption and Wealth
Consumption and Present Value Models for the Stock Market
Long-Run Risk



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8. The debate on  long-run risk (Students' Presentation) 
Bansal R.(2007) Long-run risk and Financial Markets, Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis  
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Commentary to Bansal, Long-run risk and Financial Markets, Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis


9.  Stock Market Returns Predictability and Cointegration.


(a) Cointegration and Stock Market Predictability
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(b) The Econometrics of Stock Market Predictability
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10.  Recent Developments: Factor Models, Trend Cycle Decompositions and Returns Predictability (Students' Presentation) 
Ang A.(2014) Asset Management. A Systematic Approach to Factor Investing, Oxford University Press
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