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2019-2020 A.Y.
Bachelor of Science Programs (3-y)

yoU@B Student Diary

The yoU@B student Diary is a reserved area online available to all Bocconi students. Through yoU@B, students can receive information from the University, use online services dedicated to teaching, administer some activities in their academic careers, check dates, times and rooms for both exams and graduation sessions, check class timetables and so on.

The yoU@B student Diary is available in both English and Italian. Students can change the language of the yoU@B content at any time.

Students can consult the student Diary in two ways:
  • Desktop version (which is the full and complete version of the yoU@B);
  • Mobile app (which includes only some of the main functions).
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yoU@B Student Diary – Desktop Version

The desktop version is the full and complete version of the yoU@B student Diary and it should therefore be consulted frequently.

The  yoU@B includes:

  • a homepage displaying the widgets with communication from the various University services;
  • a list of menus including, under each item, all functions available to students for administering one’s academic career.


In addition to the widgets of the various University services, the homepage includes:


  • Notices: for messages from the Academic Affairs and other University services;
  • To do list: in addition to all main notifications referring to some student requirements, this also includes a link to the Teaching box;
  • Your student ID Card’: widget through which the card can be deactivated/reactivated for services on campus in case of card loss, a replacement can be requested or a temporary QR Code pass can be printed;
  • Exams:includes the list of exam registrations completed by the student and a section with the exam breakdown of students in classrooms for the exam date;
  • Sign-up for various activities: to sign up for extracurricular activities; this function can be viewed only if activities have been scheduled for the student;
  • BBoard: to access to the University e-learning platform.


Menu items include:


  • Help&Contact (>Home): a tool which must be used to contact some University services. It includes FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) organized by topic and subject. Through the procedure, students can forward their request to the appropriate office depending on the selected topic;
  • Punto Blu: function that students can use to complete some of the most important administrative activities;
  • Teaching: including the main procedures supporting teaching (e.g. B-clicker, BBoard, Teaching box, Attendance register); 
  • Registration exam session (>exam sessions): to register for exams;
  • Class timetable: to check the class timetable, by date or by code;
  • Check Faculty office hours (>Faculty Office hours);
  • Certifications: to access the cert@B procedure to submit a certification request, or to access the 'self-declarations' printing function or the 'Delegating authorizations' procedure;
  • Events: the home page of this menu item includes widgets dedicated to all scheduled Bocconi events organized by the University and by students, sporting and cultural associations;
  • Utilities: one of the functions available here is the 'Update your profile' section, which allows students to update their personal profile and change their password.


In addition, during the year and/or for special categories of students, specific functions and procedures may be available, such as:


  • registration for modules for courses in which they are required;
  • recognition procedure for exams taken abroad;
  • ECDL exam enrollment and/or registration of ECDL;
  • signing up for supplementary activities.


How to access yoU@B

The yoU@B student Diary can be accessed from the homepage of the Bocconi website at http://www.unibocconi.eu/ or https://youatb.unibocconi.it. Users must log in and enter their student ID number as the username and the password.

It is important to note that yoU@B, along with the Bocconi email account and the Help&Contact procedure, is the University's main communication tool used for student communication. Therefore, students are kindly asked to frequently check the messages received.

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yoU@B – Mobile App

The yoU@B student Diary is also available in a mobile version, offering students quick and easy access to the most important content that is also available in the desktop version.

Because some content and functions may not be available in the mobile version, the desktop version of the yoU@B student Diary should be accessed frequently.

Students can download the yoU@B application, available free of charge for iOS and Android devices.

After downloading the app on their device, students can log in (using their student ID number and password) and access some of the most important functions also available in the desktop version of the yoU@B student Diary, including:


  • CALENDARS: to view class and exam timetables;
  • MESSAGES: to read messages sent by the different University services;
  • REGISTRATION EXAM: to register for exams;
  • EXAMS: to view the room allocated for the exams and to view exam grades;
  • HELP&CONTACT: to check the FAQs on different topics and request information from the various University services;
  • YOUR BOCCONI ID CARD widget through which the card can be deactivated/reactivated, a replacement can be requested or a temporary QR Code pass can be generated;
  • ATTENDANCE: recording one’s attendance at lectures;
  • BBOARD: to access the e-learning platform relating to courses.


Other features include:


  • FOOD SERVICES: to consult daily menus for the 3 food service areas on campus;
  • USEFUL NUMBERS: provides easy access to useful phone numbers.


By enabling push notifications on the yoU@B app, you can stay informed regarding deadlines for exam registration, get real time information when communications are available from various University services, etc.



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