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2019-2020 A.Y.
Master of Science Programs (2-y)

Credit approval procedure for exams taken as part of Double Degree Program

Credits for exams taken during the Double Degree Program (Double Degrees with admission during the first year, LSE-Bocconi Double Degree, Sciences Po-Bocconi Double Degree, Yale-Bocconi Double Degree) are generally not automatic and are subject to the following procedure, which includes several steps to take before and after departure for the study abroad experience.

Students selected for the Double Degree program will receive instructions from the host university regarding their program structure abroad. After the program structure at the host school has been determined, the student must send the Bocconi MSc Program Director (or his/her delegate) an advance authorization request for the courses abroad, along with detailed information on credits and content for the courses abroad.
Selected courses may be converted:

  • with correspondence, if the course taken abroad has a corresponding Bocconi course;
  • without correspondence, if the course taken abroad does not have a corresponding Bocconi course.

In both cases, the authorization request must be submitted to the Program Director or his/her delegate.
Activating the recognition procedure is subject to arrival of the Transcript from the foreign university that certifies the exams taken abroad.

To start the credit approval procedure, the student must contact the Market & Partners Organizational Unit - Global Alliances office. They will forward the recognition request through the 'Academic Recognition' box in the yoU@B student Diary.
Along with the request described above, the student must send an email to the Global Alliances office with the authorization of the conversation sent by the Program Director or his/her delegate. Only after this step has been completed can recognition begin and the Global Alliance office can prepare the "Summarized Credit Approval Report" and "Individual Exam Report". Students must submit these documents for the signature of the Program Director (or his/her delegate), who will send the approved "Individual Exam Report" to the Study Planning Office.

After this last step, the procedure will be completed with the validation of courses taken abroad in the Bocconi study plan, without needing to register for the exam session.

In case of exams taken at other universities, Bocconi students are assigned the mark awarded by the university where the exam was originally taken. If the original marks are expressed in different numerical scales or in letters, they are converted to marks out of thirty on the basis of a specific conversion table that can be consulted in the yoU@B student diary. Two or more exams taken abroad can be recognized together to cover one Bocconi exam upon approval of the Program Director (or his/her delegate). In this case, the final grade is calculated from the grade point average of the corresponding Bocconi grades, using the foreign credit points specified on the Transcript issued by the host university as the weighted coefficient. One exam taken abroad cannot be used to cover two or more Bocconi exams.

Students can also recognize additional exams. For more information, check the paragraph  'Additional Exams').

If the courses recognized at Bocconi are different from the ones included in the study plan or they are without Bocconi correspondence (even if they are considered as automatically recognized), students must request a change of their study plan from the Study Planning Office through the procedure activated on the yoU@B Diary (Academic Recognition box).

For more information, email: doubledegree@unibocconi.it 
Other changes cannot be made after the recognition procedure has been completed.

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