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2019-2020 A.Y.
Bachelor of Science Programs

General and Partial Exams

The exam timetable is scheduled in periods that do not coincide with lectures. Each exam period consists of one or more sessions.

The exam timetable allocates 4 exam sessions for all courses; 2 of them are scheduled after the teaching semester, the third and fourth sessions are considered as supplementary sessions. For foreign language courses and Computer Science/Computer Skills, 5 exam sessions are scheduled.

Lectures are suspended at mid-semester in both the first and second semester for 1st partial exams. 2nd partial exams are held at the end of the semester. Partial exam dates may or may not coincide with those fixed for general exams.

Students can generally take exams in all sessions as long as they meet the attendance requirements (semester course lectures in the study plan must be finished). For some types of exams and some courses, there may be some limitations to access the exams.

The exam periods and exam sessions (reference period: October 2019 - September 2020) are scheduled as follows.


 1st semester Courses

2nd semester  Courses




Period I


1st  Partial exams


Period II
09/12/19 (*)

20/12/19 (*)

2nd Partial exams
1 session





20/01/20 (**)


2nd Partial exams
1 session

1 session 2018-2019 academic year

Period III



1st  Partial exams

Period IV



2nd Partial exams
1 session


23/06/20 (**)


2nd Partial exams
1 session



1 session


Period V


1 session

1 session


(*) In the period 09-20 December 2019 an exam session open to all enrolled students is scheduled for 1/2 compulsory courses per program/year of studies. This replaces the January - first period - 2020 exam session which, as a consequence, will not be scheduled.

(**) For the compulsory courses, compulsory courses chosen by the students and curriculum compulsory courses, the second partial exam, if written, is scheduled in both sessions of the exam periods scheduled at the end of the teaching period. As a consequence, for the course typologies above, a second partial exam is scheduled:

  • with reference to the first semester, in the period 20 January to 4 February 2020 as an alternative to the one scheduled in the period 4 to 18 January 2020;
  • with reference to the second semester, in the period 3 to 23 June 2020 as an alternative to the one scheduled in the period 13 to 30 May 2020.

There are rules and limitations to access the second partial exam. For all details, see paragraph 7.5. Exam Registration Procedure.

Notes on the exam calendar

  • "session" refers to both exams of the current academic year and the previous years;
  •  the fourth exam session for 2nd semester courses will be held in January - second period - 2021;
  • exam sessions for foreign language courses are scheduled for: October 2019; January - second period, June, July and August/September 2020;
  • exam sessions for Computer Science/Computer Skills are scheduled as follows: October, January - second period; May, June; August/September.
  • A reserved exam session has been scheduled in December (09-20 December 2019), for 1st semester courses, open only to students who: 
  1. are participating in: Exchange and Free Mover programs abroad in the 2ndsemester 2019/2020 academic year;
  2. are Incoming 1st semester (Exchange and single courses for visiting students);
  3. are participating in curricular internships (including additional internships) abroad or in Italy in the January/February 2020 period.              


Only those students whose teaching activities described in points 1 and 3 start before the January - second period ends (4 February 2020) can participate. With reference to this reserved exam session please note that students CANNOT sit exams for previous year's courses which have not been passed.

There is NO overlapping between compulsory course exam sessions of the same year and Bachelor of Science program; therefore no 2 exams on the same day are usually scheduled, except for December, January - second period (20 January - 4 February 2020) and August/September exam periods, as the available days for exams are limited.

Such overlapping rules refer ONLY to compulsory courses of the year in which the student is enrolled and do not refer to previous years' exams which have not been passed yet and/or to elective courses. With reference to the elective courses we tend, when possible, to guarantee the non-overlapping between courses referring to the same subject area.

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