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* LEGENDA: CC = compulsory course of the academic program - AI = elective course - RR = elective course from the restricted group of the academic program - AO = compulsory course of the major - CO = compulsory course chosen as an alternative to another compulsory course for the same academic program - FO = core course of the academic program

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  • This area of the Bocconi site contains the course profiles of all the courses offered for the 2007/08 academic year. This gives students the opportunity to read and to confront with teachers. Before selecting electives (starting 1 August) students are advised to check degree regulations, Program structures and the tables indicating incompatible and prohibited courses which will be published by 1 August on the website.
  • Course profiles are subject to change: students are advised to check them before choosing elective courses.
  • For Bachelors: elective courses need 15 students enrolled in order to be run unless they are taught in English
  • For Masters of Science: in order to be run electives courses need to have 18 students enrolled if taught in Italian and 10 if taught in English
  • Sign-up procedures will be released on the website by 1 August 2007.
    The list of courses included in the Restricted Group for each program (available on the web site by 1 August 200).
    Information about majors will be pubblished on the individual program pages by 1 August 2007.