Unemployment, Growth and Taxation in Industrial Countries

by Francesco Daveri and Guido Tabellini

Dataset on "Unemployment, Growth and Taxation in Industrial Countries", mimeo, IGIER working paper n.122, 1997, by Francesco Daveri and Guido Tabellini.


Legenda for the dataset (sources in the IGIER working paper)

UNE = standardized unemployment rate
GDPG = growth rate of per-capita GDP
CAPTAX = average effective tax rates on capital income
LABTAX  = average effective tax rates on labor income
I_GDP = share of real investment over real GDP
Y  = per-capita GDP in the initial year of the relevant five-year period
SCHOOL = secondary enrolment ratio
BENEFIT  = replacement ratios
WAGEG = growth rate of gross real monthly earnings
PARTIC = labor force over total population
UNEMAL  = 1 - (male employment over male population in working age)
D*** = dummy for country ***
Y++ = dummy for five-year period starting in year ++
RIT$ = 5-year lagged value of variable $

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