Theses/Final Papers guidance of the Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management

The final paper and the thesis for BSc and MSc Programs, respectively, are very important steps in the educational experience of each student. The aim of this page is to provide helpful indications to students who intend to conduct their research work on topics that fall within the Department of Social and Political Sciences remit. In particular, the following 9 thematic areas represent the core of the Department expertise:

  • Art, Culture and Philosophy (ACP)
  • Economic, Business and Social History (EBSH)
  • Globalization and International Affairs (GIA)
  • Health (H)
  • Energy, Food, Tourism, Transport, Utilities - Other Industries (OI)
  • Politics and Institutions (PI)
  • Public Management and Non Profit (PMNP)
  • Public Policy and Economics (PPE)
  • Sociology and Population Studies (SPS)

Each thematic area is stratified by more specific topics.
By selecting a specific topic, a list of faculty members with relevant expertise will appear at the end of this page. This list should help in identifying potential final paper tutor or thesis advisor.

In addition to the listed topics and faculty members that appear on this page, students can certainly propose a different research plan and get in contact with other professors/researchers involved in teaching or research activities within the Department or Research Centres such as ASK, BAFFI, CAREFIN, CERGAS, GREEN, DONDENA and IGIER.

The final paper and the MSc thesis can be written in Italian or English, following the instructions of the degree course. In writing their final works, students are invited to read carefully the general guidelines and follow the administrative requirements present in the Guides to the University (section 10 - BSc; section 10 - MSc). For further support, please contact prof. Antonella Mori (

You can check the following guides designed by the Library to create your research strategy and find relevant resources and tools: