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Theses/Final Papers guidance of the Department of Management and Technology

The final paper /thesis is the concluding step in your experience in the Bachelor/ Master of Science Program. You are expected to demonstrate your intellectual and personal maturity and your ability to apply the concepts that you have studied during your years at Bocconi. The final paper and in particular the thesis require effort and commitment. Adequate time and serious planning must be dedicated to it. Any final paper* /thesis should start with a preliminary investigation of the possible research topic. This topic should be novel, interesting, and feasible.

* The interactive Guide for Producing the Final Paper is the starting point for BSc students who want to start thinking about how to structure their paper or who are getting ready to write it. Designed as a module-based course that covers the fundamental stages for 'building' a final paper, the interactive Guide is available starting from the second year of the program, in the yoU@B Student Diary in Graduation> How To: Useful Info for Graduation. For correct bibliographic citation in the paper, the The Guide for producing the Final Paper  should be accompanied by the Guide for Bibliographic Citation and Writing the Bibliography.

This page is the starting point for identifying the research topic. You will find a complete list of the research areas that are covered by the instructors of this Department, who are the possible supervisors that you should contact in order to develop your project.

  • Identify your research topic
  • Choose your supervisor/advisor Professor

Detailed information regarding the administrative procedure is available on the Guide to the University:

To draft a project to submit to possibile supervisors in the Department for a MSc. thesis:

  • Guidelines for a MSc. thesis in the MNT Department
  • Template for a MSc. thesis project in the MNT Department

For further support you can contact - during their office hours:

  • Thesis in Organization: Prof. Paola Bielli ( - Prof. Marina Puricelli (
  • Thesis in Strategy : Prof. Irene Dagnino ( for final papers - prof. Fabio Quarato for MSc. theses (
  • Thesis in Innovation and Technology : Prof. Silvia Zamboni (

You can check the following guides designed by the Library to create your research strategy and find relevant resources and tools: Management and Technology, Bibliographic Research Skills, Writing your dissertation


Information Systems
CRM and Data Analytics ERP & Other Application Areas
ICT and Business Processes ICT Diffusion & Implementation
ICT Financial Management ICT for Collaboration and Learning
ICT for Internationalization Processes ICT, SMEs & Business Networks
ICT-Based Innovation Information Security
IS Governance IS Outsourcing and Offshoring
Organizational Behavior and ICT Organizational Design and ICT
Planning and Implementing IT Systems Project Management in IS
Operations and Supply chain management
Distribution channel management Industry 4.0
Lean management Manufacturing Offshoring/reshoring
Operations management Performance measurement and benchmarking of the Production/Logistics Systems
Procurement and supply management Production and inventory planning and control
Production/Logistics strategies Supply Chain management
Careers Collaborative working
Corporate Governance and Organizational Structure Corporate social responsibility
Creative Industries Creativity
Cultural and Institutional Analysis of Organizations Decision Making Processes
Economics of Organization Employee networks & social capital
Employment arrangements Entrepreneurial Organization
Entrepreneurship Evaluation, Development and Mobility of Human Capital
Executive and Organizational Consulting Gender Gap in Organizations
Human Capital Human Resources Management
Idea Management Inter-Organizatonal Relations, Alliances and Firm Networks Organization
Leadership Managerial Education and Training
Negotiation Networks
Organizational Behavior Organizational Change
Organizational Decision Making Organizational Design
Organizational Restructuring & Downsizing Organizational Systems
Prosocial Behavior SMEs Organization, Entrepreneurship and Family Business
Social movements Social Network Analysis
Union Relations and Work Organization    
Sectors and Industries
Information Technology Agriculture
Art and Culture Automotive Services
Consumer Durables Consumer Goods
Design Energy and Materials
Fashion and Luxury Food and Beverage
ICT Information Technology
Internet and Digital Services Manufacturing
Media and Communications Non-profit
Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sharing Economy
Sports Telecommunications
Tourism Transportation & Logistics
TV & Movies Utilities
Business Ethics Business Plan
Business Strategy Consulting Industries
Cooperative Economy Corporate Governance
Corporate Strategy Corporate turnaround
Credit risk management CSR & Sustainability
Early warning procedures Economic Analysis for Decisions
Energy Management and Policies Entrepreneurship
Environmental Management & Climate Change Family Business
Firm Crisis and Restructuring Geography of production and labor
Innovation strategy Insolvency management and prediction
International Business Strategy Mergers & Acquisitions
Multinational Enterprises: Location choices and Innovation strategies Ownership Structure
Private Equity and Venture Capital Resources and Capabilities
Scenario Analysis SMEs & Districts
Social Entrepreneurship & Philantropy Management Strategic Alliances
Strategic Finance System Dynamics
Territorial Development Management (SMEs, Clusters, Networks, etc) Theory of the Firm
Technology and Innovation Management
eBusiness and eCommerce Economics and Management of Innovation
Exploration and Exploitation Impacts of New Technologies on Organizational Forms
Information Technology Applications Intellectual capital
Online activism Organization and Management of New Product and Service Development
Platform Ecosystems Product Development Strategies
Research, Development and Innovation Strategies Strategic Management of Technology
Technical Project Management Technological change
Technological Forecasting and Policies Technologies for Production/Logistics Processes
Technology Management    












Topics:  Automotive Services  Business Ethics  Business Strategy  Consumer Goods  Corporate Governance  Corporate Strategy  CSR & Sustainability  Decision Making Processes  eBusiness and eCommerce  Economics and Management of Innovation  Energy and Materials  Entrepreneurship  Family Business  Fashion and Luxury  Food and Beverage  International Business Strategy  Internet and Digital Services  Leadership  Manufacturing  Mergers & Acquisitions  Negotiation  Organization and Management of New Product and Service Development  Ownership Structure  Private Equity and Venture Capital  Product Development Strategies  Research, Development and Innovation Strategies  SMEs Organization, Entrepreneurship and Family Business  Social Entrepreneurship & Philantropy Management  Sports  Strategic Alliances  Strategic Finance  Tourism 
MORRISON ANDREA - Associate Professor other university
Topics:  Food and Beverage  Manufacturing  Networks  SMEs & Districts 



PENNAROLA FERDINANDO - Associate Professor
Topics:  Automotive Services  Business Ethics  Consulting Industries  Consumer Durables  CRM and Data Analytics  CSR & Sustainability  Decision Making Processes  eBusiness and eCommerce  Energy and Materials  Executive and Organizational Consulting  Food and Beverage  ICT  ICT Diffusion & Implementation  ICT for Collaboration and Learning  ICT-Based Innovation  Information Security  Information Technology Applications  Internet and Digital Services  IS Governance  Leadership  Media and Communications  Organizational Behavior and ICT  Organizational Change  Organizational Design  Organizational Design and ICT  Pharmaceutical and Healthcare  Planning and Implementing IT Systems  Telecommunications  Transportation & Logistics  TV & Movies  Utilities 



RUTA CATALDO - SDA Associate Professor in Management Practice
Topics:  Leadership  Sports 


SECCHI RAFFAELE - Full Professor other university
Topics:  Food and Beverage  Manufacturing  Transportation & Logistics 



VERONESI VITTORIA - SDA Associate Professor of Practice
Topics:  Agriculture  Consumer Goods  Design  Fashion and Luxury  Food and Beverage  Manufacturing 



ZONA FABIO - Full Professor other university
Topics:  Agriculture  Corporate Governance  Sports  Theory of the Firm