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Biographical note

I was born and raised in a tourism place. So, after a degree in Philosophy from Università Cattolica (Milano), I took a Master in Tourism Economics from Università Bocconi and a PhD in Hospitality and Tourism Management from University of Surrey (UK).


I am lecturer of Tourism Destination Management at Bocconi University and faculty at SDA, the Bocconi School of Management and I am currently director of the Bocconi Specialized Master Program in Tourism Economics (MET). I’ve been visiting professor at Temple University (Philadelphia, USA) and at various Italian Universities. I am consultant on tourism destination projects to public authorities and tourism organizations, member of the Italian Tourism Observatory (ENIT and Ministry of Tourism) and delegate to the Convention of the Alps for the Italian Ministry of the Environment. Former member of the Board of directors of the ‘Centro Internazionale di Arte e Cultura Palazzo Te’ (Mantova) and of Fabilia Group SpA.

Research interests

My research interests include tourism, regional development, cultural and creative industries, destination management and marketing.

Selected Publications

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