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Biographical note

Born October 4th, 1973. He holds a degree in Business and Economics from Università Bocconi, and a J.D. from the Università degli Studi di Milano. He received a Master of Law from Yale Law School and a PhD from the Università degli Studi di Brescia. He attended graduate courses in business law organized by Cornell Law School at Sorbonne University in Paris, and a course on American Law organized by AILE on the campus of the Michigan University. He is a lawyer admitted to practise before the Supreme Court, certified public accountant and auditor enrolled in the Registry held by the Ministry of Justice.


Academic CV

Full Professor with Tenure at the Pennsylvania State University - Dickinson School of Law, where he teaches corporations, securities regulation, and international business transactions, and Full Professor of Corporate Law at Bocconi University.
Since November 2016 he is Head of Department of Legal Studies "Angelo Sraffa" of Bocconi University.
In 2012-2013, on leave from Bocconi, he has been the director of the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg, and is currently a Scientific Member of the same Institution. Research Associate of the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI). Has been visiting professor at several law schools and universities, among which: Fudan University, Shanghai, China; Hamburg Law School, Germany; Esade Law School, Barcelona, Spain; National Law School of India, Bangalore; Facultad de Derecho, Universidad de Chile, Santiago; LSU Law School, Baton Rouge, LA, USA, and he lectured and gave talks at several institutions such as Oxford Law School, Pennsylvania University Law School, and Fordham Law School. He teaches in the course on International Business Transactions sponsored by the Rwanda Supreme Court for the judiciary. At Bocconi he is the vice-director of the Paolo Baffi Center for Financial Regulation. He is a member of the editorial board of the following journals: Oxford Journal of Financial Regulation, European Company and Financial Law Review, Rivista delle Società, Rivista del diritto societario, Rivista dei Dottori Commercialisti.

Research areas

Company law. Securities regulation. Comparative corporate law. IBT.


Commentary of the Market Abuse Regulation and Directive, Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2017 (with Sebastian Mock), editor and contributor;
Dissenting Directors (with G. Siciliano and P. Marchetti), forthcoming in European Business Organization Review, 2017;
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