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Full Professor
Department of Social and Political Sciences

Personal page

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Biographical note

Born in 1978 in Italy, married, two daughters

Academic CV

Associate Professor in Economics at the Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management, Coordinator of Fondazione Rodolfo Debenedetti, Director of the CLEAN Unit on the economics of crime at the Baffi-Carefin Center, Senior Researcher at FBK-IRVAPP, and researcher at Dondena. Before joining Bocconi I got a Ph.D. in economics from Universitat Pompeu Fabra in 2009 and I worked at the research department of the Bank of Italy from 2007 to 2011.

Full CV available on the website https://sites.google.com/view/paolo-pinotti

Research areas

Applied econometrics, political economics, economics of crime, immigration



Journal articles: Clicking on Heaven's Door: The Effect of Immigrant Legalization on Crime, American Economic Review; Organized crime, Violence, and Politics (with A. Alesina e S. Piccolo), Review of Economic Studies; The Economics of Organized Crime: Preliminary Evidence Across Countries, Economic Journal; Legal Status and The Criminal Activity of Immigrants  (with Giovanni Mastrobuoni), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics; The Economic Consequences of Organized Crime: Evidence from Southern Italy, Economic Journal; Politicians at Work. The Private Returns and Social Costs of Political Connections (with F. Cingano), Journal of the European Economic Association; Trust, Regulation and Market Failures, The Review of Economics and Statistics; Do Immigrants Cause Crime? (with M. Bianchi and P. Buonanno), Journal of the European Economic Association; Delayed Privatization (with B. Bortolotti), Public Choice

Contributions to books: Democratization and Civic Capital (with Luigi Guiso), in G. Toniolo (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Italian Economy since Unification, Oxford University Press (2013); Organized Crime, Violence and the Quality of Politicians: Evidence from Southern Italy, in P. Cook, S. Machin, O. Marie and G. Mastrobuoni (eds.), Lessons from the Economics of Crime: What Works in Reducing Offending?, MIT Press (2013); Advances in the Econometrics of Crime (with Giovanni Mastrobuoni), in G.J.N. Bruinsma and D.L. Weisburd (eds.), Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Springer, forthcoming