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2013-2014 A.Y.
Bachelor Programs

Choice of elective courses


Elective courses choice rules

When students enrol in the third year of their programs  (30 July - 2 September 2013) they must choose their elective courses for both the first and second semesters, for inclusion in their study plan. During this period students can also change the electives they chose when enrolling in the current academic year. In addition BIEMF students can also change the major chosen in the second year of studies.

Electives may be freely chosen from the courses available, from the general list following the instructions below for each Bachelor Program. 


3 elective courses

Electives must be chosen according to the following criteria:

  • at least 1 elective must be chosen from those taught in English, for students involved in semesters abroad, e.g. Exchange program or Free-Mover semester in countries where sitting exams in English is not possible the requirement is not needed;
  • a maximum of 2 of the 3 electives can be chosen from compulsory courses characteristic of the BIEMF program which are held in English;  
  • a curricular internship may replace 1 elective taught in Italian.


  • 4 compulsory courses chosen from among those included in their major list, for students who have chosen Management or Economics Major;
  • 4 major compulsory courses for students who have chosen Finance Major.

in addition

  • 2 electives;

Electives must be chosen following the criteria below:

  •  they may be chosen from the remaining courses of the Major chosen only for Management and Economics Majors;
  • can be chosen from  the Majors not chosen; 
  • can be chosen from among the following three compulsory courses characterizing the CLES and CLEF programs:

          -code 30024 Analisi di bilancio [Financial statements analysis](characteristic CLEF)

          -code 30030 Politica economica [Economic policy] (characteristic CLES)

          -code 30032 Econometria [Econometrics] (characteristic CLES)

  • a curricular internship may replace 1 elective.


All students must choose a compulsory course between Finanza aziendale/Corporate Finance and Sistema Finanziario/Financial markets and institutions and they also indicate as a compulsory course chosen by the student a workshop, selected from among the 10 exclusive CLEACC workshops. In additon:

  • 1 elective

The elective course must be chosen following the criteria below:

  • may be chosen from the electives list of the Bachelor Programs with a common foundation or
  • chosen from among the 10 exclusive CLEACC workshops (1 of the 10 is already in the study plan as "compulsory course chosen by the student");
  • a curricular internship may replace the elective.  

Before choosing elective courses students are advised to check the list of courses available, programs, lessons schedule, and the "incompatible" and "banned" courses (Italian version).

The educational offer provides that for some electives, also taught with the traditional method, an e-learning class be run in the same semester.   Where appropriate the student must specify the teaching method (traditional or e-learning) when choosing elective courses.

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Electives allocation

After enrolling in the academic year students are allocated the elective courses chosen for both the first and the second semester. The courses chosen are therefore immediately viewable in the students’ study plan.

The allocation of elective courses is made on the basis of the sign-up positions when students made the course choice/change.

As a general rule, each course class group must not have more than 110 students.

Except for:

  • third year CLEACC workshops whose maximum limit of 35 enrolled students is set;
  • the modules relating to the course Metodo, critica e ricerca nelle discipline artistiche of the CLEACC second year program structure. The limit of 70 participating students is set;
  • very rare cases of elective courses for which a different limit is set.

In the limit of 110 students, the following categories of students are not included:

  • students participating in international programs who come from foreign universities;
  • student who opt to change from a four degree system to the three-year one;
  • students who have already graduated from Bocconi and have been admitted to the third year of studies.

Bocconi students participating in international programs may include courses that at Bocconi have reached the maximum number of students enrolled in their academic career only with the purpose of recording exams passed abroad in their academic career.

Students who enrol in the academic year after 2 September, and especially during the period from 3 September 2013 to 31 December 2013(*), can choose their first- and second-semester electives from the list of electives still available at the time of enrolment in the academic year.

(*) Since 31 December 2013 is a holiday, the deadline is extended to the next working day (2 January 2014).

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Changing first and second semester elective courses with second semester elective courses

During the 8 - 21 January 2014 period students can change the first- and second-semester electives included in their study plan with other second-semester electives, as long as they refer to the current academic year via Punto Blu.

Changing electives is always subject to the limited numbers as described in "Electives allocation".

Bocconi students participating in international programs will be given the opportunity to modify their study plan when coming back only one another time, in addition to the periods scheduled for all students (see "Electives allocation").

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Change of study plan for students participating in international programs

Bocconi students participating in International programs can modify their study plan when they come back (and in the periods shceduled for all students: 30 July to 2 September 2013 and from 8 to 21 January 2014) one extra time (see Electives allocation) through the yoU@B student Diary.
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