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2020-2021 A.Y.
Bachelor of Science Programs

Bocconi ID Card

The personalized Bocconi photo ID card is an essential non-transferable personal document used:

  • as proof of identity in the University;
  • to sit exams;
  • to access some University Buildings with controlled entry;
  • to use IT rooms;
  • to use the cafeteria;
  • to use the Library and to borrow books;
  • to use the MyPrint Service.

In addition, the student ID card is also enabled to be used for banking operations.

Once the card has been activated for banking operations, contracts and payment services will occur exclusively between the user and Banca Popolare di Sondrio, without mediation by the University.

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Your ID Card Widget

On their yoU@B Diary, students can find the ‘Your ID Card’ widget allowing them to manage the deactivation/reactivation of the card and request a replacement in case their card is lost/stolen. Specifically, they can:

  • print a QR code daily pass* only valid to access University buildings;
  • temporarily deactivate the Bocconi ID card - for security reasons and only with reference to services on campus;
  • reactivate the Bocconi ID Card - only with reference to services on campus
  • request a replacement card.

*The QR Code pass will allow access to campus buildings with controlled entry, but it will not grant rights to other Bocconi services (e.g. sitting exams, book loans at the Library, etc.).

In addition, issuance of a QR Code will automatically deactivate the forgotten/lost card. To use the forgotten student ID card again, students must enter the yoU@B Diary and click ‘Reactivate your ID card’ button.

If the card has been activated as a credit card, it can be blocked by following the procedure described in 'Theft and Loss of ID card'.

Because the student ID card is an identification document essential for campus activities, in case of a lost/stolen card, students must request a duplicate in accordance with what is described in 'Theft and Loss of ID card'.
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Theft and loss of ID card

If the personalized photo ID card has been lost, stolen, damaged or if the magnetic strip no longer works, you should immediately:

  1. deactivate it using the “Your ID Card” widget. This will ensure that your card is not used improperly by third parties (e.g. to illegitimately take out book loans from the Library);
  2. in addition, if the card has been activated for banking operations, you should immediately contact Banca Popolare di Sondrio to block the card at the phone number: 800.822.056 (+39 02 60843768 for international calls).

To issue a new Bocconi ID card:

  • if the card is lost or stolen, a replacement fee is charged;
  • if the magnetic strip no longer works or the card is damaged, a replacement is free of charge only upon submission of the damaged card when collecting the new one.

For details about the procedure for re-issuing the Bocconi ID card (students), see Requesting ID Card Replacement.
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Requesting ID card replacement

Only if the ID Card is lost or stolen can a request for a replacement be made from yoU@B through the “Your ID Card” widget.
In this case, a €26 fee will be charged for the issue of a new Bocconi ID card.
If a previously lost card is found after the replacement request has been made, it cannot be reactivated.

If the card is damaged or the magnetic strip is no longer working, the student should take the damaged card to the Academic Services Desk so that it can be checked. In this case, there is no charge for a replacement. If the student does not submit the damaged card, however, the replacement fee will be charged.

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