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2019-2020 A.Y.
Master of Science
Curricular supplementary activities

Curricular supplementary activities aim to develop wide-ranging cultural knowledge and are classified as professional training activities.
They include, for example, seminars on specific topics, study tours, IT courses on the use of software and courses on non-European languages.

Individual program structures for students enrolled in the first year of a Master of Science program, include 2 compulsory credit points dedicated to curricular supplementary activities in the second year of the program. These credit points are part of the 120 credit points required to complete the degree.


  • DSBA and CYBER Master of Science programs, whose students may take part in curricular supplementary activities by recording 2 credit points earned as additional courses;
  • CEMS program, whose students will obtain academic credit for the 2 compulsory CEMS seminars (Business Communication Skill Seminar and Responsible Global Leadership Seminar) to cover the 2 credits for curricular supplementary activities required for courses in the second year of IM. Any curricular supplementary activities can only be recorded in the study plan as additional courses. 

These activities are positioned in the second year of the program, however, participation in the activities may be completed in advance during the first year of the program, as long as spots are available. Curricular supplementary activities  offered in the 2019-2020 a.y. involve, for example:

  • IT courses organized by SEDIN;
  • Language and culture courses organized by the Language Center;
  • Course on thesis writing;
  • Workshops created in collaboration with ISPI;
  • Broaden Your Frame Seminars;
  • Media Experience
  • Study Tours.

Detailed information on the activities offered and the schedule will be made available in September 2019

Choice of Activities and Assignment
Information on the choice of Curricular Supplementary Activities and assigment is available in the paragraph 9.3 Curricular Supplementary Activities: choice, assignment and placement in the Program Structure.

Placement of Curricular Supplementary Activities in the Program Structure
The two credit points that can be earned are subject to meeting the attendance requirements and passing a theory-based test (pass or fail); assessment methods will be defined ad hoc for the specific activity.

Students may record up to three curricular supplementary activities in their study plan: of these, one is placed in the academic career as part of the 120 credit points required; the other two will be additional courses.
Students enrolled in the MSc in DSBA and CYBER can record up to two curricular supplementary activities as additional courses.
Please note that any additional curricular supplementary activities may be placed in the individual study plan in addition to (and not as an alternative to) other additional courses.
The 2 credit points earned for each activity:

  • are recorded in the academic career upon passing the final theory-based test;
  • are not included in the calculation of the GPA;
  • are not included for the purposes of Bocconi rankings for exchange programs (Exchange, CEMS);
  • are valid for ISU Bocconi scholarship rankings.


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