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2011-2012 A.Y.
Single courses for visiting students


In addition to traditional lessons, teaching for mainly MSc courses may also include case study discussions, practical exercises for which students are asked to prepare beforehand and active class participation. Teachers can also assign individual and/or groups assignments, if necessary assisted by a tutor.

Student workload is expressed in credit points. Each credit point corresponds to an average of 8 hours of classroom teaching activities. W£ith reference to such activities include:

  • for Bachelor programs, for the first three semesters the Bachelor Program Director can request:

-A maximum of 2 additional hours per credit point for the Matematica/Mathematics general course;

-A maximum of 1 hour per credit for the other courses.These complementary learning activities include practical exercises and other class activities that help the understanding of the subject matter discussed in the classroom without adding new topics to the course content.

  • for compulsory courses which do not refer to the law subject area of the Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Giurisprudenza [Law] it is possible that the following hours per credit point can be added:

-  A maximum of 2 hours for the course code Metodi Quantitativi [Quantitative Methods] due to complementary learning activities;

- A maximum of 1 additional hour for all the other courses (Economia aziendale and Bliancio [Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis] Modules 1 and 2, Principi di economia [Principle of economics], Scienza delle finanze [Public Economics].

These activities include practical exercises and other class activities that aim to improve the student's understanding of the topics covered in class without adding new topics to the course content.

For the Master of Science Programs a maximum of 2 hours of the total hours of a course (8) can be organized dividing the class group into 2 smaller groups.

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Attendance at lessons is not compulsory however is strongly recommended since it is consistent with the proposed educational model designed to favour gradual learning, the active participation of students in class and the creation of a dialogue between students and teachers. For some courses the assessment methods may be different for attending and non attending students.

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Class Groups

The educational activities are organised into class groups.

Each class group of compulsory courses is assigned a specific classroom.

All students belonging to the same class group follow the lessons in their assigned classroom and have the same teachers.

To facilitate educational activities planning (class group numbers and classroom capacity) students cannot change their assigned class group.

The class groups remain the same for the entire academic year.

For some educational activities (lessons taught in English or applying specific teaching methods), the class groups are divided into smaller groups. Students are recommended to follow the indications given by teachers during lessons regarding the smaller group sign up methods and the relative educational activities of these groups.

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Class timetable

The general class timetable and relative changes can be viewable on the yoU@B student Diary and on the Bocconi website at www.unibocconi.eu/classtimetable *.

After the initial enrolment to the University of the enrolment in the academic year the personalized class timetable and the daily timetable can be viewed on the yoU@B student Diary (https://agenda.unibocconi.eu/.

The start of lessons for the 2011-12 academic year will follow the schedule below:

  • First semester:
    - from 8 September to 15 December 2011 Bachelor Program courses (codes 6000-6999 and 30.000-30.999 and for Combined Bachelor and MSc in Giurisprudenza (codes 6000-6999 and 50.000-50.999);
    - from 12 September to 15 December 2011 MSc courses (codes 20.000-20.999); 
  • Second semester:
    - from 13 February to 6 June 2012 MSc courses (codes 20.000-20.999), for Bachelor program courses (codes 6000-6999 and 30.000-30.999) and for Combined Bachelor and MSc in Law3 program, courses (codes 6000-6999 and 50.000-50.999);

*N.B.: Students are advised to always make sure that they are checking the information that relates to their assigned class group for each course when choosing courses. The assigned class group is indicated on the enrolment receipt.

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Suspension of lessons

On the graduation days, listed below, lessons in all courses for all programs are suspended:

  • Friday 21 October 2011;
  • Saturday 22 October 2011;
  • Friday 16 December 2011;
  • Saturday 17 December 2011;
  • Monday 26 Marchl 2012;
  • Tuesday 27 Marchl 2012;
  • Wednesday 28 March 2012.

 During the partial exam periods, listed below, lessons in all courses are suspended: 

- I semester: from Monday 24 October 2011 to Saturday 5 November 2011;
- II semester: from Thursday 29 March 2012 to Saturday 21 April 2012.

In addition, lessons are also suspended for holidays on the following days:

  • Tuesday 1 November 2011;
  • Wednesday 7 December 2011;
  • Thursday 8 December 2011
  • From Thursday 5 April to Tuesday 10 April 2012;
  • Wednesday 25 April 2012;
  • Tuesday 1 May 2012.

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Teaching Assistants

For some courses  the teacher is assisted by tutors who provide support to students with regard to the understanding and learning of the subjects dealt with during lessons.This type of tutoring includes support for groups of students working on case studies, realisation of the projects, in class practical exercises.

  • Teaching Assistants 2011-2012 academic year (available starting from the end of September 2011)
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Student consultation hours

The opportunity to consult teachers is designed to integrate the dialogue that students establish with their teachers during the educational activities carried out in the classroom.
These meetings give students the opportunity to ask for further explanations or clarification of the topics that were not understood in depth during the lessons.
The scheduling of these meetings can be found on the Internet site at www.unibocconi.eu/studentconsultationhours or in the yoU@B student diary, which provides a direct link to the page.

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