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Student kit

The student kit is made up of:

  • the unofficial academic transcript;
  • Bocconi photo ID card;
  • password.

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Student unofficial academic transcript

The unofficial academic transcript is a document that, once enrolment has been completed, contains the student's personal details and all the courses foreseen by the program structure. Subsequently the transcript is updated with the dates and marks of exams passed.
The updated transcript - with dates and marks of exams passed - can be printed at anytime from Punto Blu terminals located at the University after accessing to the yoU@B student Diary and selecting Administrative Area>Certifications menu.
The unofficial academic transcript can be used as a memo but not as a certification. On this transcript teachers may write the marks and dates of exams passed.

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Personalized Bocconi ID card

The personalized Bocconi photo ID card is an essential non-transferable personal document used:

  • as proof of identity in the University;
  • to sit exams;
  • to use IT rooms;
  • to use the cafeteria;
  • to use the Library and to borrow books.

Theft and loss of ID card

If the photo ID card is lost or stolen you should immediately go to:

  • the Academic Affairs Division Desk, (University building, via Sarfatti 25) in order to stop the card from being used by third parties;
  • the Library, in order to stop all book loans. Otherwise the original cardholder is obliged to replace any books borrowed.

Students can apply for a replacement card at the Academic Affairs Division Desk and fill out the application form which can be used as a replacement request as well as a self-declaration of the theft/loss, in cases where the loss or theft report has not been handed in to the local Police or Carabinieri station.

For the issue of a duplicate there is a payment fee (see Other Costs in the Download Area).

Replacement of the ID card

If the magnetic strip of the Bocconi ID card no longer works or if the card is damaged students can have it immediately replaced free of charge.
Student who wish to request the replacement of their card must go to the Academic Affairs Division Desk where they can request and obtain a duplicate of the card free of charge upon submission of the damaged card.

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The password used for the enrolmentonline can be used, once students have finalized their enrolment to access to:

  • the yoU@B student Diary (from there you can access to the Punto Blu)
  • the Bocconi email account
  • to the Teaching section
  • to the University network (IT rooms; IT labs)

This password can be changed via:

  • the yoU@B student Diary
  • webmail program (
  • login function to access to the University Network from a student IT lab .

    For security reasons students are advised to change the password on a regular basis.

Loss of Password

The password can be retrieved by using the appropriate password recoveryfunctionavailable on the yoU@B student Diary.

At this end students must digit the original password or answer to the secret questions chosen when accessing the Diary the first time.

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Punto Blu

Punto Blu allows students to carry out some of the administrative activities regarding their student life.

Punto Blu can be accessed either yoU@B,  the student Diary.

In Univeristy there are totems which allow the access to the Bocconi website. Some functions for example (the print of certifications ) are available only by accessing fron the totems located at the University.

Students can access to the Punto Blu after the finalization of the enrolment.

The Punto Blu functions are available in Italian and in English in accordance w3ith the language version set in the yoU@B .To access to the the Punto Blu functions students must:

  • Access to the yoU@B
  • Enter their student ID number (login) and password
  • Click on Punto Blu in the Diary’s homepage

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yoU@B student diary

The yoU@B student diary is a service offered to all Bocconi students..

The yoU@B allows students to organize their own diary, receive information from various University Services, keep personal address books, keep notes, check dates, times and rooms for exams, check class timetables and so on.
The yoU@B student diary is available in both Italian and English. Students can change languages at anytime. Punto Blu displays functions in the same language set for yoU@B
The information and services available to students via are:

  • personalized class timetables: students can compile personalized class timetables that may be integrated by selecting courses which are not included in their study plans from the general class timetables;
  • teaching: notices, teaching materials. course syllabus relating to the courses included in the study plan not yet passed that can be downloaded directly form the yoU@B student Diary;
  • exam timetables: students can compile personalized exam timetables that may be integrated by selecting exams which are not included in their study plans from the general exam timetables;
  • breakdown of students in the classrooms: for exams and partial exams;
  • daily room allocations:(for exams, partial exams and various activities);
  • exams results;
  • various activities sign-up;
  • notices: such as messages from the Academic Affairs Division Desk and other University Services;
  • events: events scheduled at Bocconi organized by the University and by the student, sport and culture associations;
  • online diary: to check one's lessons, exams and administrative deadlines, make appointments and insert events and personal notes;
  • personal links;
  • contacts: (personal address book);


How to access yoU@B
The yoU@B student diary can be accessed from the homepage of the Bocconi website at or at; users must enter their student ID and password.

For further information: 

The yoU@B Diary, along with the Bocconi email account, is the University's main communication tool used for informing students about teaching activities. Therefore, students are kindly asked to frequently check the messages received.

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All currently enrolled students are given a Bocconi email account. Students can use this account free of charge. This service is provided by the University in collaboration with Webmail,
Students are automatically assigned an email address upon enrolment.

The email can be accessed either at and from the yoU@B student Diary by enetering own’s credentials(student ID number and password).

The Bocconi email address is composed of: studnt ID no. +
Students are automatically assigned an alias address on the basis of possible combinations of name and surname, to help them in using their Bocconi email accounts.

In order to ensure that the system functions correctly after choosing the alias, students should adjust the inbox options by following the "email settings" instructions. This information is available on the Bocconi site at

The Bocconi email, along with the yoU@B student Diary is the channel used by the Univeristy for communicating towards students. For this reason students are kindly requested to periodically check their personal Bocconi email addresses in order to read the messages sent by the University.

Once students have received their personal Bocconi email account, student must use it for whatever communication towards the University. The University does not answer to communication sent from private email address.

For further information:

For further information:

ASIT (Information Technology and Data Transmission Systems Area)



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Personal computers


Internet points at the University

In order to offer wide access to the Bocconi Internet services, there are currently 450 web points located in the University buildings at via Sarfatti 25 and piaza Sraffa 13, which can be used by students to access their laptops with standard configurations.

Students with Wireless laptop connection can access the University Wi-Fi network where available (Velodoromo, Sarfatti 25).

In order to access these services students must follow the registration procedure.

For further information:


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IT rooms for students


2 IT labs with a total of 124 personal computers connected to the University network are available to students.
The computers can be used by students who want to use data analysis programs, carry out research, email users and, in general, for other learning activities (computerized exercises).

Info5 and Sarfatti Bar labs offer a Tutor service who allocate PC to students and offers a first level assistance. Besides the tutor’s desks there are the regulations for the use of PC and for studnt’s behaviour.

All computer work stations are equipped with Windows XP and Office 2003, Internet Explorer and mathemathical, statistic and scientific programs ((Mathcad, Matlab, SAS, SPSS, Stata, Scientific WorkPlace); along with management programs (SAP).

In the labs studnts can also make use of a print system upon payment. The location of rooms can be found at page in Aule.
The location of the rooms can be found in the area: in Aule (Italian version).

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