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Welcome to my home page!

I am Associate Professor of Public Economics at Bocconi University and Director of the Welfare State and Taxation Unit at the Dondena Research Center on Social Dynamics and Public Policy.

I am also Research Fellow at CESifo Munich and member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Ifo Institute. I am research fellow at Centro Studi Luca D'Agliano Milan, and I am Associated Expert of ENEGE, the European Network of Experts on Gender Equality. I am also a member of the Gender Committee of the Italian Economic Association.

I am treasurer and member of the editorial board of

My current research interests and projects fall in four broad areas: Gender gaps; Migration policy; Public policy, parental time allocation and intergenerational transmission of skills; tax structure and the macroeconomy.

These research interests largely reflect my work and areas of research in the last years, with some twist....

Here you can find some more information about my research, my teaching and my media contributions.



Third Dondena workshop on Public Policy. 17-18 December 2018. Here is the programme. Keynote lectures are open to all. Gordon Dahl (UCSD) will talk about Educational choices of parents and children on 17 December and Claudia Olivetti (Boston College) about the Dynamics of gender differentials on 18 December. You aere welcome to attend! 

The paper "Gender quotas and the quality of politicians", Journal of Public Economics, coauthored with Audinga Baltrunaite, Piera Bello and Paola Profeta won the 2018 Bocconi Research Impact Award

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