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Policy Reports and Analysis

  • Risk sharing and market discipline: Finding the right mix, by Guido Tabellini, leading comment in Debate "Euro Area Reform", 16 July 2018
  • Prefazione al libro: Contro il Negazionismo – Perché in Economia Serve più Rigore Scientifico, di Pierre Cahuc e André Zylberberg, Ube 2018
  • Reforming the Eurozone: Structuring versus restructuring sovereign debts, by Guido Tabellini, column, 23 November 2017
  • Europe's Trust Deficit: Causes and Remedies, by Christian Dustmann, Barry Eichengreen, Sebastian Otten, André Sapir, Guido Tabellini, Gylfi Zoega, CEPR Report, 2017
    • Populism and trust in Europe, by Christian Dustmann, Barry Eichengreen, Sebastian Otten, André Sapir, Guido Tabellini, Gylfi Zoega, Vow EU Column introduction
  • Which fiscal Union?, in: VoxEU eBook: How to fix the Eurozone, edited by Richard Baldwin, Francesco Giavazzi, 2017
  • Fuori dalla Crisi, I Corsivi del Corriere della Sera, Milano, 2013 (with M. Bordignon, M. D’Alberti, F. Daveri, R. De Benedetti, C. De Franceschi, A. Gambardella, F. Giavazzi, L. Guiso, A. Ichino, F. Schivardi e R. Vitale
  • Liberiamo la Scuola, I Corsivi del Corriere della Sera, Milano, 2013, (with A. Ichino)
  • Ridateci Credito, I Corsivi del Corriere della Sera, Milano, 2013, (with L. Guiso and F. Schivardi)
  • Supply-side reforms in Europe: can the Lisbon strategy be repaired?, Swedish Economic Policy Review, 2006, Vol. 13. N. 1, (with C. Wyplosz), January 2006
  • Replica a Pasinetti - CIVR gennaio 2006
  • Supply side policy coordination in the European Union, Report for the Conseil d’Analyse Economique, Paris, Spring 2004 (with C. Wyplosz)
  • Principles of policymaking in the European Union: An economic perspective, CESifo Economic Studies, 2003
  • Built to last: a political architecture for Europe, CEPR Report on monitoring European integration 12, February 2003 (with E. Berglof, B. Eichengreen, G. Roland, C. Wyplosz)
  • How to Improve Economic Governance? The Coordination of Macroeconomic Policies in Europe (with L. Bini Smaghi), February 2003.
  • Will it Last? An economic perspective on the Constitutional Treaty,July 2003
  • Testing the speed limit for Europe – CEPS Report, 2001 (with D. Gros, J. Jimeno, C. Monticelli, N. Thygesen)
  • Quo Vadis Euro – The cost of muddling through – CEPS Report, 2000 (with D. Gros, O. Davanne, M. Emerson, T. Mayer, N. Thygesen)
  • Inflation targeting and the accountability of the European Central Bank – Hearing with the European Parliament, Economic Notes, April 1999
  • Macroeconomic policy in the first year of Euroland – CEPS Report, 1999 (with D. Gros, O. Blanchard, M. Emerson, H. W. Sinn, T. Mayer, G. St. Paul)
  • Flexible integration: towards a more effective and democratic Europe, CEPR Report on Monitoring European Integration 6, November 1995, (with M. Dewatripont, F. Giavazzi, J. von Hagen, I. Harden, T. Persson, G. Roland, H. Rosenthal, A. Sapir); Italian translation: L’integrazione flessibile, Il Mulino, 1996


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