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Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management

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Biographical note

Laurea in Economic and Social Sciences from Università Bocconi. D.Phil. in Economics, Oxford University, Nuffield College.

Academic CV

Associate Professor of Public Economics. CESifo Research Fellow. Centro D'Agliano Research Fellow. Dondena Research Associate. 

Research areas

Human capital and Public Policy. Gender Economics. Migration policies. Pension systems.

Selected publications

On the regional labor market determinants of female university enrolment in Europe, with P.Profeta and C.Pronzato, Regional Studies, forthcoming; Tax Structure and Macroeconomic performance, with G. Arachi and V. Bucci, International Tax and Public Finance, 2015; Illegal immigration: policy perspectives and challenges, with G. Facchini and T. Frattini, CESifo Economic Studies, 2015; Intergenerational Trasmission of Skills during childhood and Optimal Public Policies, with L.Micheletto and A.Sommacal, Journal of Population Economics, 2015; Affirmative action and the power of the elderly, with A.Baltrunaite e P.Profeta, CESifo Economic Studies, 2015; Gender quotas and the quality of politicians, with A.Baltrunaite, P.Bello and P.Profeta, Journal of Public Economics, 2014; Women Directors, the Italian way and beyond, with P.Profeta, L. Aliberti, M. D'Amico and A.Puccio, Palgrave MacMillan, 2014; On the formation of international migration policies when no country has an exclusive policy setting say, with C.Devillanova, O.Stark and S. Uebelmesser, Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2012; Labour income taxation, human capital and growth: the role of child care, with A. Sommacal, The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2012; Gender culture and gender gap in employment, with P.Campa and P. Profeta, CESifo Economic Studies, 2011; Donne in Attesa, with P. Profeta, EGEA, 2010; The duties of the sovereign, with R. Artoni, Politica Economica, 2010; On an Optimal Selective Migration Policy when information is asymmetric and incentives count, with O. Stark and S. Uebelmesser, in Kornai, Matyas, Roland (eds.) Corruption, Development and Institutional Design, Palgrave MacMillan, 2009; Capital-skill Complementarity and the Redistributive Effects of Social Security Reform, con C. Devillanova, Journal of Public Economics, 2008; Insurance, Redistribution and the Welfare State: Economic Theory and International Comparisons, con R. Artoni, in L. Costabile (ed.) Institutions for Social well-being, Alternatives for Europe. Palgrave Macmillan, 2008; Social Security and Migration with Endogenous Skill Upgrading (with C. Devillanova), in Journal of Public Economics, 2003; Pension Systems in Integrated Capital Market, in Topics Economics Analysis and Policy, 2001; Pension Reform and Economic Performance under Imperfect Capital Markets, in The Economic Journal, 1998.