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Biographical note

Born May 4th, 1959. Degree in Business Administration from Università Bocconi. International Teachers Programme at the HEC-ISA of Jouy en Josas (1985). PhD in Management from Università Bocconi (1991). ISP, Loyola University of Chicago (USA), 1999.

Academic CV

Full Professor of Strategic Management and AIdAF - EY Professor of Strategic Management  in Family Business. Senior faculty member of the SDA Bocconi Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management Department. Member of the editorial committee of Journal of Management Studies and the research applied board of Family Business Review. Fellow of IFERA (International Family Enterprise Research Academy) and CRIOS (Center of Research on Innovation, Organization and Strategy)

Research areas

Corporate strategy. Family businesses and medium size companies. Companies in the fashion and design based sectors. 

Selected publications

"An Institution-based View of Large Family Firms: A Recap and Overview" (with M. W. Peng, C. Vlas, W. Sun, A. Minichilli), Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 2017


"Institutional Logics, Family Firm Governance and Performance" (con A. Minichilli, D. Miller, I. Le Breton-Miller, M. Amore), Journal of Business Venturing, conditionally accepted, 2017


"Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructures and Business Development. Principles, Practices, and Perspectives" (with S. Caselli, V. Vecchi), Palgrave Mac Millan, 2015. 


“CEO Succession Mechanisms, Organizational Context, and Performance: A Socio-Emotional Wealth Perspective on Family Controlled Firms” (with A. Minichilli, M. Amore e M. Nordqvist), Journal of Management Studies, November 2014, pp. 1153-1179.


“When do Non-Family CEOs Outperform in Family Firms ?” (with D. Miller, I. Le Breton-Miller, A. Minichilli, D. Pittino), Agency, and Behavioral Agency Perspective, Journal of Management Studies, June, 2014, pp. 547-572.


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