2023-2024 A.Y.

World Bachelor Business (3-y)



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8.1. Renewing enrollment

Students who decide to attend the last year of studies at Bocconi University must renew enrollment in the 2023-2024 academic year from 26 July to 25 August 2023 by accessing 'Renew Enrollment in 2023-24 a.y.' from the left-side menu of the yoU@B Student Diary.

The enrollment procedures are as follows:

  • select the "Enrollment in Academic Year" option;
  • enter the enrollment data requested.

Enrollment in the academic year via the appropriate procedure is completed once the first installment of the tuition and fees has been paid and recorded in the student's academic career. If the first installment is not paid students will not be able to carry out any administrative or learning activities or make use of any other services.
Students who do not enroll by 25 August 2023, for whatever reason, can enroll during the 26 August - 31 December 2023 (*) period, upon payment of a late-enrollment fee (for detailed information check the website at
(*) Since 31 December 2023 is a holiday, the deadline is extended to the next working day (3 January 2024).

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8.2. Change of second language

Students can change the second language using Punto Blu, which can be accessed through the yoU@B student Diary, in the Administrative Area (Language choice/change) in the period 28 July - 14 September 2023 and between 09-22 January 2024.

Information regarding language choice and courses on offer is available in "Languages and Computer Skills" and on the website at

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8.3. Choice of destionation for the fourth year of studies

From 15 January to 14 February 2024 students enrolled in the third year of the WBB must choose, by filling out the appropriate form, the University where they intend to attend the fourth year from among:

  • Bocconi University (Milan);
  • University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business (Los Angeles);
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong).

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8.4. Choice of elective courses




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8.4.1. Choice of tracks and elective courses

Upon enrollment in the fourth year of studies (26 July - 25 August 2023), from the left-hand menu of the yoU@B Student Diary Renewing Enrollment in the 2023-2024 Academic Year, students must choose one of the proposed tracks:

  • Strategy and Entrepreneurship
  • Technology and Operations Management
  • Marketing
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Public Management and Policy
  • Economics

or the free-track (choice from among all elective courses on offer).

Students must choose the elective courses of the first and second semester in the relating lists (the lists of courses included in the tracks is specified in the chapter Program Structure).

Before choosing the elective courses, students are advised to view the list of the courses available, the course profiles, class timetables and the incompatible table.

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8.4.2. Changing the first and second semester courses with second semester courses

From 09 to 22 January 2024 via yoU@B > Punto Blu students can change elective courses of the first and second semester included in the study plan with other courses included in the chosen track, as long as they are taught in the second semester of the current academic year.

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8.5. Additional courses

Additional courses are those whose credit points provide more than the 180 credit points needed to fulfil the Italian degree requirements. WBB students who choose to spend the fourth year of studies at Bocconi University can include a maximum of three additional activities in their study plan, provided that they have passed all course exams of the first two and a half years (only academic activities having an equivalent in the Bocconi study plan will be taken into account).
Additional activities can be selected from among languages and elective courses; students can also have one internship as an additional activity.

To calculate the grade point average, only two additional exams may be considered (those for which students received the highest marks; if grades achieved are the same, the courses with the highest number of credit points are considered).

The choice of additional activities (courses and/or internship) is carried out starting from the fourth year of studies by sending a request via  B in Touch between from 26 July to 25 August 2023 (for first-semester courses) and from 09 to 22 January 2024 (for second-semester courses).
Please note that:

  • Allocation of additional courses depends on places available. In addition:
  • If available, additional are included in the study plan only upon making the allocation or change of the curricular elective courses: after 25 August 2023 for the first semester courses (but before the start of lessons i.e. 6 September 2023) and after 22 January 2024 for the second semester courses (but before the start of lessons i.e. 5 February 2024).

Additional courses may be removed by sending a request via B in Touch. It is not possible to remove an activity from the study plan which has been passed and recorded.

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8.6. Temporary interruption

During the academic year, students who are carrying out military service or civil service duties, female students in the year of birth of each child and students who are forced to interrupt studies because of serious illness and certified prolonged medical conditions can apply to temporarily interrupt their studies in accordance with Italian DPCM 09/04/2001.
Temporary interruption of studies means that students will not be able to complete any administrative operations, participate in educational activities or make use of any university services. The years for which the student did not enroll do not count towards disqualification. For each year of temporary interruption students are required to pay a fixed sum set by the Fees Founding and Housing Office.

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8.7. Withdrawing from university studies

Students can withdraw from their studies at any time, ending their academic career at this University. Their intention to withdraw must be communicated in a written, clear and concise form.
The withdrawal form can be downloaded here

To apply for a withdrawal from studies, students must:

  1. request authorization from the Fees, Funding and Housing Office, as well as the Library, under the respective offices’ sections in B in Touch;
  2. complete and sign the downloaded form above and affix a €16 revenue stamp (see note);
  3. send the following by registered mail/courier:
    • a copy of a valid form of ID
    • the completed and signed form accompanied by a revenue stamp;
    • a copy of the responses containing the authorizations from the Fees, Funding and Housing Office, as well as the Library, to the following address: Università Commerciale "Luigi Bocconi" Academic Services - Academic Planning Office - Room 213, Piazza Sraffa 11, 20136, Milano.

Please note: Students who are unable to purchase a revenue stamp (e.g. because they are abroad) can make the €16 payment by credit card using the following link, and attach the payment receipt to the withdrawal application: (select "Revenue stamp for administrative records")

Students must pay tuition and fees up to the submission of the withdrawal form according to the payment deadlines defined by the Fees Founding and Housing Office.

Students who submit the withdrawal form should contact the Fees Founding and Housing Office in order to check any pending obligations with reference to any expired tuition and fees, financial aid and facilities deadlines.
Withdrawn students can obtain certifications regarding the previous academic career and credit points earned.

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8.8. Concurrent enrollment in two study programs

Law no. 33 of 12/04/2022 allows enrollment in two study programs at the same time, as long as:

  • the two study programs do not belong to the same field of study;  
  • the concurrent enrollment in the two study programs with different fields of study guarantees that at least 2/3 of the educational activities are different.

In addition, for Bocconi only: 

  • the two study programs are offered at two different Universities.  

Because any concurrent enrollments must necessarily be communicated to the two Universities, students in this situation are encouraged to fill out the self-declaration form available in the yoU@B student diary > Concurrent Enrollment. The responsible offices will then be able to carry out the appropriate checks or contact the interested parties for further details, if necessary.

The university will collect information regarding concurrent enrollment at the beginning of each academic year.

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