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2022-2023 A.Y.

Master of Science Programs in joint with Politecnico di Milano


The information in this Guide refers only to activities and regulations in place at Bocconi University. For activities and regulations in place at Politecnico, please check the PoliMi widget available in the yoU@B Diary.

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10.1. Current regulations

Article 15 (Italian Law 183/2011), which entered into force on 1 January 2012, modifies Italian DPR (President of the Republic's Decree) 445/2000, containing the unified code of the laws and regulations regarding administrative documentations.

Specifically it states that "Le certificazioni rilasciate dalla pubblica amministrazione in ordine a stati, qualità personali e fatti sono valide e utilizzabili solo nei rapporti tra privati. Nei rapporti con gli organi della pubblica amministrazione e i gestori dei pubblici servizi i certificati e gli atti di notorietà sono sempre sostituiti dalle dichiarazioni di cui agli articoli 46 e 47" (autocertificazioni). [Certifications issued by public administration offices regarding status and personal information are valid and can be used only in relations between private parties. In relations with the public administration and public services managers, certifications and official deeds (notarial deeds) are always substituted by statements, as stipulated in articles 46 and 47 (self-declarations).]

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10.2. Documents available to students and graduates

In accordance with regulations, Bocconi University issues the following document typologies, based on specific use:

  • for students:
    • self-declaration samples;
    • certifications with stamp duty ‘marca da bollo’;
  • for graduates:
    • self-declaration samples;
    • certifications with stamp duty ‘marca da bollo’;
    • Diploma Supplement.

Before requesting or printing out a document, make sure you know what it will be used for, i.e. whether the document is to be submitted to public administration offices or private companies managing public services in Italy, or for private bodies in Italy or abroad or for immigration use.
In case of exemption in accordance with Italian law, certifications exempt from the payment of duty stamps can be requested to the office responsible for the certification issue.

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10.3. How to obtain documents: self-declarations and certifications


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10.3.1. Self-declarations

To help students and graduates, Bocconi University makes some self-declaration samples available, which can be printed:

  • At the University through the terminals located in the various University buildings;
  • Outside the University: through the Certificates > Printable documents on the yoU@B Diary

Self-declarations are issued in Italian only on white paper free of charge (no duty stamp to be paid).

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10.3.2. Certifications

Certifications issued by Bocconi University with the Bocconi logo have a digital tag in most cases and they are subject to the payment of the imposta di bollo ‘stamp duty’  (for details see Costs and payment methods).
Certificates requested through cert@B and issued by Academic Services and Market & Partners have a digital tag (see note) and are generally available in electronic format except when a request is made to send the printed document to a physical address.

Note: The digital tag’s authenticity can be verified by using the software made available by Bocconi University at the address

In case of exemption in accordance with Italian law, certifications exempt from the payment of duty stamps can be requested to the office responsible for the certification issue by sending a specific request through ‘B in Touch’ > Certifications.

Requests and the different types of certifications are outlined according to the applicant's specifications, and differ according to one's academic path as follows:

  • all students regularly enrolled, even if previously graduated from a degree program, who are NOT graduating students (i.e. students who have not yet made the graduation reservation via the Graduation Application Procedure online) must make certifications requests ONLY:
    through the cert@B procedure available on the yoU@B Diary in the certifications menu. In this case, the cost for the request will be charged in the University financial status. Students must grant authorization for fees charged to complete the procedure correctly (for costs of requesting and issuing certificates, see Costs and Payment Methods).
  • Graduating students (i.e. students who have already made the graduation reservation in Punto Blu) must make requests ONLY:
    - by using the cert@B procedure available on the yoU@B Diary. In this case, the cost for the request must be paid through the payment procedure by credit card (for costs of requesting and issuing certificates, see Costs and Payment Methods).

Types of certifications available in cert@B

The types of certificates available in cert@B for students are grouped by Division of reference and are available both in Italian and in English for the various permitted uses (private in Italy, abroad, immigration if required depending on the profile of the requesting student).

All the certificates available in cert@B will be issued only on the condition the applicant meets the requirements certified on the selected certificate. Any requests submitted by an applicant who does not meet the requirements will not be taken into consideration.

If the certification to be requested is not included in the list on cert@B: the interested party should contact the respective office through ‘B in Touch’, selecting the related topic (e.g. for certifications related to the exchange program, select the topic “Exchange Program”; for certifications related to internships, select the topic “Internships”, etc.) to inquire about the feasibility, timelines for its issue and to forward the request according to the methods provided by the service.

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Certificates cannot be issued by the appropriate office when forwarding the cert@B request: timelines and delivery methods are different depending on the requested certification typology. As a general rule, however, you should consider approximately at least 4 working days for issuing certifications listed in cert@B.

As soon as the certification is prepared, the interested party will receive a communication through the yoU@B Diary and the Bocconi email account, containing full details on how to receive certificates.

Depending on which Organizational Unit issues the certificate and the use selected, the certificate will be delivered in one of the following ways:

  • For certificates in electronic format: the file of the certificate will be available for download in the yoU@B Diary (in the To Do List and then in cert@B) for 15 days;
  • For certificates for which delivery by mail was requested: the certificate in paper format will be sent to the address selected with the national postal service or DHL courier service;

NOTICE: Once the link is expired, student must submit a new certificate request via cert@B. It is not possible to re-activate a link when already expired.

If delivery by mail is requested, the interested party can choose between:

  • National postal service: there are no additional costs for the applicant;
  • DHL courier service: delivery cost to be paid by the applicant  (see 'Costs and payment methods').

In both cases, the timelines for receiving certifications depend on each individual service provider.


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The issue of certifications costs:

  • €16.00 (stamp duty 'imposta di bollo' for the request of certifications);
  • €16.00 (stamp duty 'imposta di bollo' for the issue of each certification included on the request);
  • €2.00 (for administration fees to be applied, where applicable, to each certification issue).

Delivery costs

  • National postal service - no additional costs for the applicant;
  • DHL courier delivery upon payment by the applicant. The cost depends on the place of delivery and can be viewed by the applicant when making the certification delivery request.

Payment methods for certifications requested through the cert@B procedure changes depending on the applicant profile:

  • Students (who have at least an active career): the total amount to be paid for issuing certifications will be charged upon authorization given through cert@B by the interested party, on his/her financial status-payments. Once they have received or collected the certification/s, students can proceed with payment through MAV available on Punto Blu.
    NOTE: Students who select certification delivery through DHL courier must pay the corresponding total fee (duty stamps, administration fees and cost for document delivery) when completing the request by paying by credit card.
  • Students who have already made the graduation reservation: the amount must be paid through cert@B through payment procedure with credit card integrated into the procedure itself.

The above methods are the only methods available to students and graduates who have the credentials to access the yoU@B Diary. Alternative payment methods will not be accepted.

*For cases of exemption in accordance with Italian law, certifications exempt from the payment of duty stamps must be requested directly to the office of reference for the issue of certifications.


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