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2022-2023 A.Y.

Master of Science Programs in joint with Politecnico di Milano


The information in this Guide refers only to activities and regulations in place at Bocconi University. For activities and regulations in place at Politecnico, please check the PoliMi widget available in the yoU@B Diary.

Bocconi University considers ethics, responsibility of behaviors and actions as fundamental aspects for the learning path and working life. For this purpose a Code of Conduct for Faculty and Students at Bocconi University has been created with the aim of spreading and strengthening values of honesty and fairness which are essential in learning, research and professional activities for the whole Bocconi Community.

The Honor Code emphasizes, systematizes and makes transparent rules of conduct and sanctioning procedures that are largely already laid out in national university regulations and by Bocconi Coomunity. From this point of view, following the code must be seen as an act of transparency to underline the importance given by the community of reference to some basic principles of fairness and honesty and to favour their knowledge and sharing.

The Honor Code, in line with the purposes just described, has been created and applied in cooperation of all University members.

The rules of reference include more detailed documents and teaching regulations (exams, final papers and so on) that are  in Honor Code of the Bocconi Community published on the website at and available on the yoU@B Diary > Honor Code.

Students are asked to carefully read it through a pop-up message on the yoU@B Diary and to formalize the principles included in it.

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0.1. Public cloud policy

Bocconi University will not accept any responsibility or liability for personal data, which students have chosen to provide to any externally hosted cloud service platform (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, despite those services might be actioned using Bocconi credentials). 
Students are always advised to carefully check Terms and Conditions of use, Privacy Policy, for information about how their data will be used, backed up, retained, deleted, and with whom they may be shared.
As alternative to external providers, Bocconi offers limited space for personal data on a cloud-based platform (so-called Cloud Bocconi,
Each student anyway is personally responsible for data and contents uploaded or stored, regardless they are placed on an external cloud provider or onto the Bocconi cloud. Therefore, Bocconi University will not respond in order any of these situations.

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