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2017-2018 A.Y.
World Bachelor Business (3-y)


Università Bocconi offers its students supplementary activities designed to enhance their cultural understanding and complement the degree program requirements.

Positive participation in the activities doesn't provide any credit nor extra points for the student's CV, but allows students to obtain a certificate of participation.

The supplementary activities are divided in two large groups:

  • activities  the students must sign up for via the yoU@B student Diary
  • activities the students do not have to sign up for via yoU@B Diary (in this case students must ask the service offering the activity, without signing up via the student Diary).
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Supplementary activities registration via yoU@B student Diary

Supplementary activities include:

The full range of supplementary activities for 2017-2018 is published in September (before the start dates of any activity initiative choice); more detailed information including programs and calendars will be released on the websites of the services which offer these activities.

For students enrolled in the WBB, participation in supplementary activities is optional and is ruled by general instructions, as follows:

  • sign-up application procedure: through the yoU@B student Diary about one month before the course start.
  • assigning courses: for each study program sign-up applications are accepted in the order of chronological sign-ups received. Students who are admitted/not admitted to attend these activities will receive a personal online message sent to their yoU@B student Diary;
  • attendance: compulsory for at least 75% of the teaching sessions, as established by the instructors, in order to obtain the certificate of participation; online courses as well, if offered, have mechanisms for registering attendance.
  • evaluation: is carried out by instructors according to the assessment methods discussed in class (teacher can require a final written report) but is subordinate to the compulsory 75% attendance and to the active participation in class;
  • period of study: courses are held during teaching periods and on specific dates which will be finalized before the sign-up period begins;
  • duration: a minimum of 5 teaching sessions of 2 hours each.

Positive participation in these activities, certified by the teacher, allows students to obtain a certificate of participation. The document obtained is not recognized in terms of credit points or additional points on the student’s academic curriculum.

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Supplementary activities registration without use of yoU@B student Diary

A list of activities including the service providing the activity and the Bocconi website for further information follows:

  • career guidance seminars, company presentations, individual counselling in job search  techniques; organized by Career Service - http://www.cs.unibocconi.eu/;
  • POL (Personal Orientation Lab) for students and recent graduates interested in exploring their aptitudes in order to face the job market more effectively, organized by Career Service -  http://www.pol.unibocconi.it/;
  • concerts, meetings, exhibitions, debates, sports and culture events aimed at raising students cultural awareness -  http://www.unibocconi.eu/campuslife;
  • athletics, canoe, 5- and 11-player mens and womens soccer, golf, swimming and water polo, mens and womens basketball, mens and womens volleyball, skiing and snowboarding, tennis, skeet-shooting and sailing are the sports practiced at Bocconi, both in recreational and competitive level, in national and international university tournaments.
    The mens basketball team, the 5-player mens and womens soccer team, the 11-player womens soccer team and the womens volleyball team are participating in their respective federations tournaments Bocconi Sport Team www.unibocconi.eu/pellicani;
  • moments for the development and expression of one's artistic skills, thanks to the courses of Bocconi Arts Campus: www.unibocconi.eu/artscampus;
  • courses to develop the mind-body balance, to keep a high quality of life and to develop new passions and interests:www.unibocconi.it/wellness.
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