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2018-2019 A.Y.
Bachelor of Science Programs


Internationalization at Bocconi University has been a strategic priority pursued since 1974, the year in which the first international agreements were put into place. Over the years these programs have developed an extensive network of relations and exchanges with prestigious academic and cultural institutions all over the world. That means there is constant collaboration with foreign universities (international business schools, Departments of Economics and, since the 2015-2016 academic year, also with Departments of Political Science) on research and joint teaching projects, thus providing Bocconi students and teaching staff with invaluable international experience. Thanks to its network of international relations, Bocconi University is able to offer its students several opportunities to acquire the kind of business training which is necessary for dealing with global economic developments.

Study abroad programs:

  • Long programs (Exchange Programs and Free-Mover Semester Programs);
  • Short programs (Free-Mover Summer Programs).

MSc students can also take part in programs that are organized with international universities and business schools which lead to double degrees (Italian and foreign) or diplomas issued by members of the international network (CEMS-MIM Master).

The study abroad opportunities promoted by the University are presented in detail during the Bocconi International Fair.

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Long Programs

Exchange Program

The Bocconi University "Exchange Program" (including the LLP/Erasmus Program) deals with student exchanges under bilateral agreements with over 275 universities in 54 countries across 6 continents, giving students the opportunity to attend courses for which they can receive credit as part of their Bocconi degrees. The international universities included in the program are some of the most renowned institutions in the world in the fields of management, economics and social sciences with an emphasis on economics, law and political science.

In fact, Bocconi University belongs to some of the most prestigious international networks: CEMS (The Global Alliance in Management Education), PIM (Partnership in International Management), GULF (Global University Leaders Forum), GNAM (Global Network for Advanced Management) and Themis (Network in International Business Law).

These agreements are based on reciprocal arrangements that allow students from both institutions involved to complete a period of study abroad without paying extra university fees and tuition to the partner institution. Students are, however, responsible for travel, board and lodging expenses.

Eligibility and requirements
Students can take the semester abroad during their third year. Therefore students regularly enrolled in their second year can apply. Students are allowed to enroll in a semester abroad at one of the partner universities only if they pass the selection, which is based on merit and language skills.

Application and deadlines
Students are advised to check the application procedures and deadlines released in Markets and External Affair Division-Study Abroad publications and on the website www.ir.unibocconi.eu/exchange.

Exam recognition
Students can receive credit for a maximum of 5 courses.

The credit approval procedure is explained in "Credit for exams passed at universities abroad".

For Exchange Program details, updated information on eligible students, admissions procedures, deadlines and available destinations check the website www.ir.unibocconi.eu/exchange.

In the same area, you can also check comments by students who have been abroad in previous years, along with detailed information on partner universities.

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Free-Mover Semester

Students interested in attending a semester abroad outside the Exchange Program can enroll at a number of universities abroad where they can study only during the third year of their Bachelor of Science Program as part of the Free-Mover Semester Program (fee-paying Visiting Students or Independent Students). The Free-Mover Semester abroad is therefore incompatible with participation in the Exchange Programs.

Students are responsible for the payment of fees and tuition for both Bocconi and the institution abroad and for travel, board and lodging expenses for the period abroad.
Students are required to take out health insurance for the entire period of study abroad.

Bocconi University has identified a number of schools from among those in its international network that have accepted such students in previous years. The list of universities abroad will be published on the webpage at www.ir.unibocconi.eu. This is the only list considered valid for the recognition of exams taken in schools abroad as part of the Free-Mover Semester Program. Any other applications for alternatives will be examined individually beforehand by Markets and External Affairs Division-Study Abroad. The application, accompanied by a motivational letter and information about the chosen university, must be given to Markets and External Affairs Division-Study Abroad before enrolling at the foreign university for a Free-Mover Semester Program.

Exam recognition
Students can receive credit for a maximum of 5 courses.

The credit approval procedure is explained in "Credit for exams passed at universities abroad".

We suggest you check the detailed information and requirements on the website http://www.ir.unibocconi.eu. In this area you can also check comments by students who have been abroad in the past as part of the Exchange program.

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Short Programs

The short programs offered by Bocconi University offer students the opportunity to spend a brief study period abroad.

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Free-Mover Summer

Bocconi University has selected a number of partner schools from its international network which offer interesting and educationally valid Summer Programs.

They last between 3 and 5 weeks during the summer months and allow students to take curricular courses in various areas for which they can receive credit. The list of universities abroad is published on the website and this is the only list considered valid for the recognition of courses offered in the Summer Program through institutions abroad. Students can submit applications for other alternatives that must be examined individually in advance by Markets and External Affairs Division - Study Abroad, before applying to the Free Mover Summer.

The Free Mover Summer is offered to students from all Bachelor of Science Programs who meet the requirements, in the summer of their second year. (Please note: Participation in a summer program in the summer of their first year or before will not be recognized).

Students are responsible for travel, board and lodging expenses during their experience abroad as well as the fees and tuition of the partner university.

Students are also required to ensure that they have health insurance coverage for the period abroad.

Exam recognition
The Free-Mover Summer Program allows students to receive credit for a maximum of one exam corresponding to a Bocconi course. The credit approval procedure is explained in "Credit for exams passed at universities abroad".

We suggest you to check requirements and application procedure on the website at http://www.ir.unibocconi.eu/.

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Scholarships for International Programs

To encourage student participation in international mobility programs organized by the University, Bocconi contributions and integrations to the scholarships issued by the Fees Funding and Housing Office are available, addressed to students meeting the financial parameters published (see www.unibocconi.eu/studentassistance).

Erasmus Plus scholarships are also available from the European Union for students chosen for the Exchange Program who attend one semester of study at university that is part of the Erasmus Program. For details, see www.ir.unibocconi.eu/erasmus.

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Certifications and Documents

To request certifications specifying admission and/or participation in the Exchange Programs you can use the cert@B procedure available on the yoU@B Diary (see chapter 11 Certifications, self-declarations and Diploma Supplement), except for the documents described in the paragraphs below.
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Documents for the participation in the exchange program

The Study Abroad Office (Exchange program) must be contacted by the selected student if, as part of the application procedure or participation, the foreign partner university requests a document for admission to the program and/or information relating to enrollment at Bocconi along with the student's academic career. The same procedure is applicable in case the document of admission to the program is required to obtain a visa. Any procedure changes will be communicated to the interested students.
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