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2017-2018 A.Y.
Integrated Master of Arts in Giurisprudenza (5-y; Law)

Electives allocation and numerical limits

After enrolling in the academic year the allocation of first and second semester elective courses is made.

The elective course allocation is made based on the progressive position recorded at the time of the course choice / change.

Class groups of the elective course must not have more than 110 students enrolled. Students coming from foreign universities participating in international programs are not included in the above-mentioned limits.

Bocconi students participating in international programs may have recorded in their academic career exams taken at universities abroad even if at Bocconi these courses that have attracted the maximum number of students only with the aim of recording exams passed abroad in their academic career.

Students enrolled in the fifth year of studies can choose 2 seminars of 3 credit points each, in place of an elective course. Each single seminar cannot have more than 60 students. Also for seminars, the allocation is made in accordance with the progressive position recorded at the time of the course choice/change.

For further information on how to choose the elective courses see "Program structure and educational activities".
Students who enroll in the academic year after the 31 August 2017 and in the period from 01 September to 31 December 2017 (*) can make the choice of the elective courses/seminars still available on the date of enrollment in the academic year.

(*) As 31 December 2017 is holiday, the deadline is postponed to the first subsequent working day (3 January 2018).
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