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2017-2018 A.Y.
Master of Science Programs (2-y)

Format specifications

Last change 01/06/2017 08:00

Format specifications for the thesis definitive file

The thesis must be uploaded in a single file, PDF format created with the Adobe Acrobat program, and the name of the file will be TS, followed by the student ID number e.g., if the student ID number is 1234567, the name of the file is TS1234567.pdf.
In the thesis content, no personal information of the student (name, student ID etc) must be entered.
The definitive file, in PDF format, must have as first four pages:
1st page: a white page
2nd page: a white page
3rd page: thanks or a white page
4rth page: a white page

The text of the work (index, introduction, content etc) MUST start AFTER the 4 above described pages. The thesis content must not include the title page as it will be printed automatically and it will include the information on title entered by the student online nor the abstract.

In addition the following parameters must be respected:

  • File size: maximum 10 MB
  • Paper size: cm 29X21 (A4);
  • Right and left margin: 2.5 cm;
  • Lines per page: from 26 to 30 lines;
  • Recommended font: Arial/Tahoma/Verdana;
  • Front size (body): 12 points;
  • Pages numbered;
  • The thesis will be back-and-front printed.

It is not possible to include any personal detail (name, student ID...) in other sections of the thesis (headings or notes at the bottom of the page) other than the front page.

It is not possible to use the Università Bocconi seal on the cover sheet or within the Thesis.

Last change 19/06/2017 16:04

Format specifications for any support materials to the thesis oral defense

If the student intends to prepare any materials supporting the thesis defense (e.g. a presentation), he/she is invited to follow the indications below, in compliance with sustainability principles applied by the University.

  • print two-sided sheets,
  • if possible, print two slides per each sheet;
  • if possible, use recyclable paper;
  • collate presentation slides using stapling and do not use covers or a title page, plastic spirals or other non-recyclable materials;
  • print copies at most equal to the number of degree assessment board members.
Last change 01/06/2017 08:00