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2016-2017 A.Y.
Bachelor of Science Programs

Continuing studies

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Students enrolled in the first year of a Bachelor of Science program are admitted to the second year only if they have earned at least 24 credit points by the exam period of:

  • July 2016 for students enrolled in the 2015-2016 academic year;
  • July 2017 for students enrolled in the 2016-2017 academic year.

Please note that such credit points refer to the courses included in the first year study plan only and they also include the credit points earned when passing each single module if applicable to the course. Credits relating to the second year language exam, if students have obtained the recognition of an international certification (See: "Foreign languages and computer skills") are not included. At the end of the July exam period, credit points needed  to move on to the second year are verified.

Students who have not fulfilled this requirement are unable to take part in the September exam period and must continue their studies by enrolling as repeating students ("ripetente") in the first year of studies.

Enrolling as "ripetente" gives students the right to attend lessons and does not give them access to exams before the end of the lessons for the semester in which the course is held.

Students regularly enrolled in the academic year as regular ("in corso") or repeating students ripetente:

  • are allocated a class group for the lessons;
  • are allowed to sit partial and general exams;
  • are granted access to the various services offered by the University (Library, IT rooms, etc.);
  • can obtain enrolment certifications for the academic year in which they are enrolled.

There are no restrictions for enrolment after the second year of studies.

After the third year, students who have not yet completed the study plan usually enroll as repeating students "fuori corso". However students can also enroll as repeating students "ripetente".

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Administrative procedures and deadlines for enrolment as repeating students ('ripetente') in the first, second and following years

Enrolment must be carried out during the:

  • 25 July- 30 August 2016 for enrollment in the third year of studies and as repeating students ‘fuori corso’ 28 July - 30 August 2016 for enrollment in the first year repeating student ripetente and in the second year of studies.

by accessing, via yoU@B student Diary, to the Punto Blu 'Administrative Area' menu.

The enrolment procedures are as follows:

  • select the "Enrolment in Academic Year" option;
  • enter the enrolment data requested.

After selecting "Enrolment in the academic year", the system automatically allows:

  • first year students to enroll in the "regular" second year of studies if they have earned 24 credit points by the July exam period and the choice of the second foreign language;
  • first year students to enroll as first year repeating students ("ripetente") if they HAVE NOT earned 24 credit points by the July exam period;
  • students already enrolled in the second year of studies, enrollment in the third year, the choice of electives (when taught in both Italian and English, specify the language chosen) and, if requested, the teaching method (traditional or e-learning).

Enrolment in the academic year via Punto Blu is completed once the first instalment of the University fees and tuition has been paid and recorded in the student's academic career. If the first instalment is not paid by 15 September 2016 students will not be able to carry out any administrative or learning activities or make use of any other services.

Students who do not enroll by 30 August 2016, for whatever reason, can enroll during the 31 August - 31 December 2016(*) period, upon payment of a late-enrolment fee (for detailed information check the website at www.unibocconi.eu/fees.

After 31 December 2016 enrolment is only possible as repeating students, ("fuori corso or "fuori corso intermedio") and the payment of the penalty fees due made (for detailed information please check www.unibocconi.eu/fees), to the Academic Affairs Division Desk.

(*) Since 31 December 2016 is a holiday, the deadline is extended to the next working day (3 January 2017).

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Choice of Major for students enrolled in the BIEF program

From 9 to 20 January 2017, by using the Punto Blu, that can be accessed via yoU@B, BIEF students enrolled in the second year of studies must choose from among the following majors:

  • Economics
  • Finance
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Choice of modules for CLEACC second year students

When enrolling in the second year of studies (28 July- 30 August 2016) students must carry out the choice of two modules, one for the first semester and one for the second one, relating to the course Metodo, critica e ricerca nelle discipline artistiche [Method, critique and research in artistic disciplines] (see chapter 2).

From 9 to 20 January 2017 you can change, via yoU@B Student Diary>Punto Blu>Study Plan, the module previously chosen in the second semester with another module held in the second semester of the current academic year. Such changes must be made in compliance with numerical limits described in Elective course allocation.
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