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Course taught in English

CLMG (2 credits - I sem. - OB)
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Classes: 1 (I sem.) - 2 (I sem.) - 3 (I sem.)

Course Objectives

English is the compulsory first foreign language for all students enrolled in CLMG program who are not themselves English mother-tongue speakers.
Teaching activities are structured as follows

  • B2 Legal Bocconi exam preparation course
  • ILEC (International Legal English Certificate) preparation course.

Information concerning the placement of the courses in the study plan are available on the Guide to the University

Course Content Summary

B2 Legal 

The course is divided into core topics. Around these topics students will practice and develop the appropriate skills expected at this level.

  • A Career in Law
  • Contract Law
  • Tort Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Comapany Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Real Property Law
  • Litigation and Arbitration
  • International Law
  • Comparative Law
For detailed information and syllabus,

Detailed Description of Assessment Methods

  • Al I semestre del 2° anno, prima parte del corso(codice 50042) con al termine prova intermedia, facoltativa, solo prova scritta
  • Al II semestre del 2° anno, seconda parte del corso( codice 50041) con al termine esame finale, obbligatorio, composto da prova scritta e prova orale.

In particolare:

  • La prova scritta è composta da una produzione scritta estesa (30 punti), prova d’ascolto (30 punti), comprensione di documenti scritti (40 punti)
  • L'accesso alla prova orale è subordinato al superamento della prova scritta con valutazione pari o superiore a 18/30
  • Durante l’esame orale gli studenti devono saper riassumere e discutere 3 articoli a scelta, di un minimo di 1.350 parole su argomenti riportati nel programma d’aula.


Contenuti, modalità d’esame e prova intermedia sono uguali per frequentanti e non frequentanti e hanno validità limitata nel tempo. Per i dettagli, consultare i Programmi d’esame in


Detailed Description of Assessment Methods

  • At the end of the first Semester (code 50042), students have the option of taking a written mid- term exam. This is not obligatory
  • At the end of the second semester(code 50041), there is a final, obligatory, written and oral exam


  • The written exam is a long piece of Writing (30 marks), Listening (30 marks), Reading Comprehension (40 marks)
  • Access to the oral exam is only possible once a student has passed the written exam (18/30)
  • For the Oral exam students must show the ability to summarize and discuss 3 articles of a minimum 1.350 words on topics related to the syllabus
Both midterm and final year exam syllabuses are the same for attending and not attending students. Limited validity for all tests. For details, refer to the Course syllabus and examinations on


  • A. KROIS-LINDNER, M. FLIRTH, Introduction to International Legal English, Cambridge University Press
  • M. THOMPSON, Writing Skills For Business English, Egea, 2nd edition
  • Legal English self-study program provided by the teacher
Exam textbooks & Online Articles (check availability at the Library)


In order to attend the Legal English courses it is strongly recommended a B2 level as proficiency requirement. A complete curriculum for the B2 level can be found on-line at Materials supplied by the professor are also available at the Language Laboratories of the Language Centre.
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Module: ILEC

Course Objectives

Preparation course for
ILEC - International Legal English Certificate 

The course is designed for students who already have a strong B2 proficiency level. In terms of linguistic competence, the final objective corresponds to that established by the Council of Europe for level C1. The objects for the students can be summarized in the following way:

  • can deal confidently with different types of text
  • can write a variety of different items such as memos, faxes, emails, reports and proposals
  • can follow and understand a range of spoken materials such as conversations, interviews and discussions
  • can communicate effectively in face-to-face situations

Additionally, students are required to be familiar with common, non-technical legal terms.
The course takes into account the fact that the students are preparing solely for the Cambridge external certification: International Legal English Certificate

Course Content Summary

In the classroom, instruction focuses on preparing the students to take and pass the Cambridge English: International Legal English Certificate. Students will be introduced to the format of the certification, and all four sections of the certification will be practiced. Additional information concerning the course can be found on-line at

Detailed Description of Assessment Methods

Il presente corso prepara al superamento della relativa certificazione di lingua, che si svolge presso gli enti erogatori autorizzati. La certificazione può essere registrata in alternativa all'esame di lingua inglese. Per maggiori informazioni è possibile consultare i programmi d’aula e d’esame all’indirizzo

The preparation course is aimed to the relevant external certification, which takes place at the authorized exam centers. The certification can be converted as an alternative to the English exam. Further information concerning the Bocconi learning path and exams: available at


  • Brieger & Kosta, Success with ILEC, Summertown
  • Callanan & Edwards, Absolute Legal English, Delta
Exam textbooks & Online Articles (check availability at the Library)


The course is aimed at those Law students who already have an adequate level of knowledge of the language, established by a specific placement test. The course is for a limited number of applicants. Terms and enrollment procedures will be communicated via the student’s diary yoU@B at the beginning of each semester. Please note that the course is run only if a minimum number of enrollments is reached.

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