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BEMACS (8 credits - II sem. - OB  |  IUS/09)
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Course Objectives

The course aims at providing a general overview on IT law and how it has evolved in order to respond to the rapid technological and social change.
The first module basically introduces the key concepts of the relevant legal systems.
The second module explores the relationship between law and technology with a view to highlighting the most critical legal issues raised by technological developments. Particularly, a focus is devoted to the analysis of the evolution of the legal concepts of sovereignty and regulation in the age of globalization.
Finally, the third module of the course focuses on the law of the governance of the Internet. After a general framework, protection of fundamental rights (freedom of speech and data protection) and the emergence of new rights and actors on the Internet are examined.

Intended Learning Outcomes
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Course Content Summary

  • Introduction to the relevant legal systems.
  • Law and technology.
  • Constitutions from atoms to bit.
  • Internet governance.
  • The law of the Internet: general framework.
  • Freedom of speech.
  • Privacy and data protection.
  • The legal regime of Internet service providers.

Teaching methods
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Assessment methods
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Detailed Description of Assessment Methods

Written exam.


ATTENDING STUDENTS will be tested on the materials and readings provided on the e-learning platform.
NON ATTENDING STUDENTS will be tested on the following textbooks:
  • G.F. FERRARI, Introduction to Italian Public Law, Milan, last edition (selected chapters)
  • J. OSTER, European and International Media Law, Cambridge, last edition (selected chapters)
Exam textbooks & Online Articles (check availability at the Library)
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