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WBB (2 credits - II sem. - OBCUR)
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Course Objectives

The European business environment varies substantially from one country to another but also within some countries one can find big differences. This course provides an overview of the various elements of doing business in a continent that has very different institutional and cultural history, and where the institutions regulating the economic actors’ behavior differ tremendously.
The first part of the course gives an overview of the institutional organization of the European capitalism. A second section looks at the different features of national capitalisms in terms of ownership and control of business and propensity to inward and outward internationalization. The seminar makes use of online dataset in order to identify the nature of the European variety of capitalism.

Course Content Summary

  • Corporate Ownership and Governance in the World and Europe.
  • UK: the realm of institutional investors.
  • Germany: coordinated capitalism.
  • Italy: between State and Families.
  • France: internationalization and dirigisme.
  • The Scandinavian Model.
  • Is there an European Corporation? Common elements of Ownership and Governance in Europe.
  • Presentations and workgroup delivery.

Detailed Description of Assessment Methods

The assessment is based on
  • Attendance/Participation (33%)
  • A group assignment (33%)
  • A presentation (33%).
To pass this course you must have attended all sessions, to have produced a 5 page assignment, and to have performed a presentation with your group. The grade for this course is Fail/Pass.
The exam and the project are valid until the end of the academic year.


  • Lecture notes, Lecture slides.
Exam textbooks & Online Articles (check availability at the Library)


Statistics, Computer skills.
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