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CLEAM (6 credits - I sem. - OP  |  SECS-P/10) - CLEF (6 credits - I sem. - OP  |  SECS-P/10) - CLEACC (6 credits - I sem. - OP  |  SECS-P/10) - BESS-CLES (6 credits - I sem. - OP  |  SECS-P/10) - BIEMF (6 credits - I sem. - OP  |  SECS-P/10)
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Course Objectives

Leadership is about inspiring, mobilizing and enabling great people to achieve excellent levels of performance and to get great things done in organizations.

Leadership is about the practices that transform values into actions, visions into realities, obstacles into new perspectives and innovations, separateness into collaboration and risks into rewards (Kouzes, 2007).

Leadership starts from self-awareness and effective self-leadership that enable energizing, aligning and result-oriented behaviors.

Leadership may become one of your greatest challenges as you progress through your career moving from roles that require your individual contributions to roles that require you to achieve results with and through people.

Leadership may also be a challenge now as you progress through your academic curriculum striving for personal and professional growth through all the opportunities that university offers you and that you are willing and able to leverage on.

The course Leadership Skills gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself with setting up the pre-conditions for optimal performance to be achieved with and through the people you are working with. It improves your ability to build and manage constructive relationships and to get to high value added results managing not only your own, but also other people’s performance. The determinants of optimal performance, that is competence, motivation and positive psychological states, are explored with the aim of both improving your ability to engage yourself and the people you are working with and your effectiveness when managing problem/underperforming people.

Leadership skills gives you the opportunity to reflect and act upon change: change is one of the relevant dimensions of leadership and becoming a leader requires you to go through a personal and professional transition Leadership skills gives you the resources needed to specifically manage the transition from Individual Contributor to Manager providing you with greater self-awareness and therefore increased effectiveness.

Course Content Summary

  • What is leadership? What are its value added and challenges?
  • The main theories of leadership: trait, situational approach, transactional, transformational and charismatic leadership; the dark side of leadership.
  • Leadership skills: influence, integration of differences, compelling communication, leading for excellent performance.
  • Designing and leading teams.
  • Organizational culture and leadership in multicultural environments

Detailed Description of Assessment Methods

For attending

studentsPop Quizzes and class participation, team Assignment, final exam (written, during the 2 attending students exam session Jan-Febr 2015)

For Non attending students

Written or oral exam on the textbook.


For Attending students
Readings available on Course Reserve

For Non attending students

  • Northhouse , Leadership, Sage 2013 ,Sixth Edition.
Exam textbooks & Online Articles (check availability at the Library)


Basic knowledge in Organization Theory and Organizational Behavior

Fluency in English

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