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CLEACC (6 credits - II sem. - OBS  |  SECS-P/08)
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Classes: 31 (II sem.)

Course Objectives

Attending the "Workshop in Film Industry Management" allows students to understand the different stages of the value-chain of a motion picture (from the film’s conception to its distribution).
Students will learn the logics governing the actions of the main industry operators, with a focus on the European, Hollywood and Italian film industry.
In addition, students will have the opportunity to meet industry professionals who will participate as guest speakers.

Course Content Summary

The topics discussed during the course include, but are not limited to:

  • economic relations in the film industry value-chain;
  • general film industry economics;
  • the features of independent and major productions;
  • film marketing strategies;
  • film funding and financing;
  • labor market’s characteristics;
  • production planning and creative team management

Constant participation to class activities is strongly recommended, as students will be required to contribute both individually and as participants to workgroups. The teaching method is built upon an intensive mixture of readings, guest speakers, group works, class participation, video materials, and case studies. Students are supposed to be prepared in advance for each session, following the directions contained in the course program, and to participate pro-actively to the debates raised by instructors and guest speakers.
In order to be considered as attending, students MUST be present at least to 75% of the sessions (12 out of 18).

Detailed Description of Assessment Methods

Attending students:

  • WRITTEN EXAM: Students will be examined on their knowledge and understanding of the contents of the course materials and other resources presented and discussed in the classes. The written exam is worth 50% of the total grade.
  • TEAM PROJECT: Students will also be examined on a team-based assignment, resulting from group work to be conducted during the course, which is worth 50% of the total grade. Students have to split up in small groups (with 4 to 5 people each), and formulate the business plan and the promotion strategy of a film project, based on an existing screenplay provided by the course’s instructor. More explanations about the characteristics and requirements of the team project will be given in class.

Non attending students:

  • WRITTEN EXAM: Students will be examined on their knowledge and understanding of the contents of the compulsory books. The exam is worth 70% of the total grade.
  • INDIVIDUAL PROJECT: Non-attending students are examined also on an individual activity. Students will be examined also on an individual activity, which is worth 30% of the total grade. Students have to choose an issue to be analyzed, for instance through: a case study, an empirical investigation, a theoretical review, or other method or technique to be previously discussed and agreed upon with the instructors (at least via email, in case of physical distance). The outcome is a written paper to be sent via email to the class instructors AT LATEST one week before the written exam.


Attending students

  • A reading list and a set of materials will be uploaded on the course’s Learning Space.

Non-Attending students

  • Wasko, J. (2003): How Hollywood Works. London: SAGE.
  • Vogel, H. (2010): Entertainment Industry Economics. Cambridge University Press (8th edition).
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