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EMIT (6 credits - I sem. - OBCUR  |  SECS-P/11)
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Course Objectives

The course introduces the main topics of corporate finance. It first deals with the basic elements of financial analysis, by examining and interpreting the financial statements; then, it delves into the issue, by analysing the role of the cash flow statements. The course also copes with valuation issues, by providing wide room to the analysis of capital budgeting decisions and valuation of companies.

Course Content Summary

  • An introduction to corporate finance and its logics.
  • Financial analysis: reclassification of financial statements and their interpretation from a financial point of view.
  • From a static to a dynamic perspective: the cash flow statement.
  • Valuation. How to evaluate the profitability of investments projects.
  • The cost of capital.
  • Valuation. How to evaluate a company.

Detailed Description of Assessment Methods

For attending students
Written exam, made up of multiple choice questions and one exercise. Two partial exams are scheduled ,the first at the end of the first part of the programme (approximately after 12 lessons), the second at the end of the course. Each of them weight 50% on the total grade. The exam is passed only if both grades are equal or higher than 18/30. The students who do not want to benefit from intermediate exams, or do not pass the first one, can easily sit for a unique final exam on the whole programme. A group work on a topic of the programme is possible, but not compulsory, providing marks to be averaged with the grade obtained in the exam. Students can decide in the end whether to accept or refuse the mark obtained from the group work.
For non attending students
In the same way as attending students. Further material can be required for non attending students. This material will be promptly communicated.


Material will be provided by instructors and will be uploaded on the web learning platform. Other material will be promptly communicated in class.
Exam textbooks & Online Articles (check availability at the Library)
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