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ACME (6 credits - I sem. - OBS  |  3 credits M-GGR/02  |  3 credits SECS-P/02)
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Classes: 31 (I sem.)

Course Objectives

The course examines the vital, and in some cases controversial, relationship between tourism and culture. Cultural tourism is a segment of growing interest and it is an active, dynamic and diversified branch of tourism that requires specific knowledge to be effectively promoted and managed. Tourists are more and more demanding and looking for authentic cultural experiences. Tourism policies and management practices need to adapt to these trends and develop a quality offer while paying attention to sustainable aspects.
Students thus acquire:
  • a deeper knowledge of the demand for cultural tourism experiences.
  • Methodological skills and practical tools to define proper strategies to identify and promote the tourism value of cultural sites and resources.
  • A critical understanding on the relationship between tourism and culture.

Course Content Summary

The program covers three key areas:
The cultural tourism market;
  • different types of cultural tourists.
  • Focus on key segments: culture and creative industries, fine food and wine tourism, lifestyle tourism.
Planning and management of cultural tourism sites;
  • the planning process of cultural tourism destinations.
  • The role of institutions, operators and associations for cultural tourism development.
  • The creation and management of cultural itineraries and routes.
Management tools;
  • branding cultural tourism destinations.
  • ICTs and digital strategies.
  • Visitors’ management and congestion management.

Detailed Description of Assessment Methods

For attending
  • Written exam on the course materials for attending students (50%).
  • Case studies (20%).
  • Final assignment (30%).
For non attending
  • Written exam evaluation on the course materials for non attending students.


For attending
  • Collection of readings available on course reserve.
  • Class presentations and materials available on elearning.
For non attending
  • Collection of readings available on course reserve.
  • Class presentations and materials available on e-learning.
  • B.McKercher; H. du Cros, Cultural tourism: the partnership between tourism and cultural heritage management, Routledge, NY, USA, 2012.
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