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Course 2016-2017 a.y.


Department of Management and Technology

Course taught in English

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EMIT (7 credits - I sem. - OB  |  SECS-P/06)
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Classes: 22 (I sem.)

Course Objectives

The course aims to provide the tools for understanding and analyzing innovation and industrial change. Topics to be discussed include the relationship among innovation, eco-nomic growth and economic development; the economics of patents and intellectual pro-perty rights; the role of innovation in the dynamics and evolution of industries; the rela-tionships between science and technology; the innovative enterprise, the new innovative start-ups ; the role of public policies with respect to innovation and industrial change.
Some introductory notions in basic microeconomics and industrial organization are required.
The class format is a mix of lectures and discussions. Students are expected to partici-pate actively in the discussions and to read the assigned material for each topic before class.
Seminars and student presentations on specific issues and technologies are organ-ized during the course.

Intended Learning Outcomes
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Course Content Summary
  • Introduction to innovation and industrial change.
  • Market structure and innovation.
  • Evolutionary theory of innovation and industrial change.
  • The firm: learning, competence and innovation.
  • Innovation in sectors.
  • Innovation and industrial dynamics.
  • Models of innovation and industry evolution.
  • Demand and innovation.
  • Measuring innovation.
  • Patents and innovation.
  • The decision to patent.
  • Economics of science.
  • The diffusion of innovation.
  • Public policy for innovation and technology diffusion.

Teaching methods
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Assessment methods
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Detailed Description of Assessment Methods
The exam consists of a written final exam and a paper.
The final mark is based on both final exam and the paper.


A list of readings is made available at the beginning of the course.

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