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Course 2022-2023 a.y.


Department of Social and Political Sciences

Course taught in English

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CLEAM (6 credits - II sem. - OP  |  SPS/07) - CLEF (6 credits - II sem. - OP  |  SPS/07) - CLEACC (6 credits - II sem. - OP  |  SPS/07) - WBB (6 credits - II sem. - OP  |  SPS/07) - BIEF (6 credits - II sem. - OP  |  SPS/07) - BIEM (6 credits - II sem. - OP  |  SPS/07) - BEMACS (6 credits - II sem. - OP  |  SPS/07)
Course Director:

Classes: 31 (II sem.)

Mission & Content Summary

This course is designed to be a broad introduction to the field of sociology. Students encounter some of the most influential theories developed, imagined and used by sociologists to make sense of the social world. We discuss and acquire familiarity with the concepts sociologists typically use in their work, and with some of the core methods sociologists employ to investigate the social world. For instance, students gain an understanding of what sociologists mean when they talk about culture, socialization and social structure, and how sociologists analyse these concepts linking theory and empirical analyses. The course also encourages students to think critically (i.e. as a social scientist, about human life and societies and develop their own questions about social life). Finally, the course pays particular attention to the broad themes of inequality as it pertains to race, class and gender, and the social changes it brought about, as well as family changes, by adopting a life course perspective.


The main topics covered in the course are:

- Main sociological theories of the past (e.g., Durkheim, Marx, Weber)

- Gender and Sexuality

- Values and norms

- Crime and Deviance 

- Social interactions, networks, and capital

- Families and lifecourse

- Social stratification


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