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Fabio Lorenzo Sattin

Chairman and Founding Partner - Private Equity Partners SpA

Senior Adjunct Professor in Private Equity and Venture Capital - Bocconi University.  


Fabio L. Sattin is Executive Chairman and Founding Partner of Private Equity Partners and Senior Adjunct Professor in Private Equity and Venture Capital at Luigi Bocconi University, Milan. He has over 30 years’ direct investment experience in Private Equity having executed dozens of transactions, mainly in buy-out, buy & build, expansion capital and pre-IPO deals.

He started his career in marketing and international business strategy at Olivetti in 1983. In 1985 he moved to Chase Manhattan Bank NA (now J.P. Morgan Chase) where, after a period of training in London and New York, he worked in the M&A division in New York. In 1987 he returned to Italy as Vice President and Managing Director of Chase Investment Bank where he was responsible for M&A and Equity Investment in Italy. 

In 1988 he co-founded and was Managing Director of Chase Gemina Italia S.p.A., a joint company established by Chase Manhattan Bank NA and Gemina S.p.A. specialised in risk capital investments, and in 1989 he co-founded Private Equity Partners S.p.A., which shortly became one of the main and most well-recognized institutions on the Italian and international market.  

He is member of: the MP3 Observatory on Public Private Partnerships of L. Bocconi University; the Past Chairmen Group of EVCA (European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association - now Invest Europe); the Advisory Board of the Italian Society of Financial Analysts (AIAF). He is Chairman of the Why Not Italy? Group, 
Faculty Member of AIFO Academy (Italian Family Officer Association)member of various scientific and research groups and Board member of several listed and unlisted Italian companies.

He was Chairman of EVCA in 1994-1995; member of the General Council of Private Equity of the Italian Private Equity Venture Capital and Private Debt Association (AIFI); Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Chase Gemina Polska Sp. z o.o. (Warsaw); member of the Innovation Board of the Ca’ Foscari University Foundation in Venice; member of the Scientific Committee of the Ca’ Foscari International Collegemember of the Supervisory Board of the Slovak Post Privatisation Fund (Bratislava) representing the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development); member of the Foreign Investors Committee of Confindustria; member of the Advisory Committee of the Italian Stock Exchange; member of the EU Expert Group on Private Equity and Venture Capital and Board member of several Italian and foreign companies and institutions.

Graduated with honours in Business Economy at the University Ca’ Foscari in Venice, in 2009 he was granted the “Cafoscarino of the year 2008” award by the University Ca’ Foscari Graduates’ Alumni Association (ALUC) in Venice. 

Fabio L. Sattin has written a considerable number of publications regarding Private Equity, Finance and Business Economy.







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Chapters in Books

Sattin, F., Introduzione, Search Funds. Un nuovo strumento a sostegno della piccola impresa e del rinnovamento imprenditoriale, Antonio Molinari, Guerini Next srl, Milano, Settembre 2019

Sattin, F., Key Ingredients for an Efficient and Effective Public–Private Equity Fund, in Public Private Partnerships for Infrastructure and Business Development: Principles, Practices, and Perspectives, by Veronica Vecchi, Stefano Caselli, Guido Corbetta, Chapter 14, Palgrave MacMillan, London - 2015

-Sattin, F. L’attività di private equity: definizioni, caratteristiche, prospettive con particolare riferimento alla realtà italiana, in Private equity e infrastrutture, by Marco Nicolai, Chapter 2, pagg. 39 e ss., McGraw-Hill, Milan - 2008.

-Sattin F., Il ruolo degli amministratori indipendenti nelle imprese partecipate da fondi di investimento, in Corporate governance in Italia, by Giovanna Dossena, G. Giappichelli Editore, Torino - 2008.

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-Sattin, F., Gervasoni, A. capitolo Il Mezzanine Finance e capitolo L’attività d’investimento istituzionale nel capitale di rischio in Sviluppo di impresa e mercato finanziario. Milan, Edizioni Angelo Guerini e Associati Editore - 2002.

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-Sattin, F., AA.VV., in "Capitale di rischio e impresa: quali prospettive?", AIFI (a cura di), Milan, Guerini e Associati Editore, 1995

-Sattin, F., "Closed End Mutual Funds in Italy" in Funds and Portfolio Management Institutions, Stefano Preda, Università Bocconi, North Holland - 1991.


Academic Working Papers

- Sattin, F., “Supporto pubblico al mercato del private equity in Italia”, BAFFI CAREFIN Position Paper, by Francesca Casalini, Fabio Sattin, Veronica Vecchi, Stefano Caselli, Bocconi University, Milan, June 2017.

-Sattin F.L., Private Equity e Finanza Pubblica. Primo Rapporto sulla Finanza Pubblica Finanza Pubblica e Federalismo, by Marco Nicolai, Fondazione Rosselli, Maggioli Editore, May 2012

-Sattin, F. S., La via italiana al private equity e l'intervento pubblico: una sinergia virtuosa, in ENTER Working Paper, WP No 2, JEL code G24, G28, Centre for Research on Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs, Bocconi University, Milan, January 2011

-Sattin, F. S. (with Andrea Montanino), Il Nuovo Fondo Italiano di Investimento per le PMI: una riflessione generale, in ENTER Working Paper, WP No 1, JEL code G24, G28, Centre for Research on Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs, Bocconi University, Milan, November 2010


Articles in Specialised Magazines

- Sattin, F., Come attrarre i capitali privati a sostegno del rilancio: le regole da rispettare, Harvard Business Review Italia, 26. May 2020.

- Sattin, F., The time for innovation in Private Equity has arrived, Lombard, 3. December 2014.

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-Sattin, F., Corporate Governance in Italy and the role of non-executive directors in investee companies of private equity funds, in Przeglad Corporate Governance, Polski Instytut Dyrektorow, n. 1 (17), Gielda Papierow Wartosciowych, Warsaw, 2009.

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Pubblicazioni minori e articoli/ Minor Publications and Articles

- Sattin, F., “Una road map per il futuro di Borsa Italiana, Il Sole 24 Ore, 11 November 2020

- Sattin, F., “The Borsa Italiana deal? It’s not just a financial issue, here is why there is much more at stake”, BeBeez, 21 September 2020

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