Professor in Demography at the Department of Social and Political Science

Arnstein Aassve leads FutuRes - Towards a resilient future in Europe: Ageing is, when seen from a demographic point of view, reasonably predictable. However, the socio-economic future surrounding the ageing process is anything but predictable. Over the past two decades, Europe has gone through a considerable number of crises, such as the global financial crisis 2007/2008, the European debt crisis, since 2010, and the migration crisis of 2015/16. Currently, the world is engulfed in the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu; we face an environmental crisis whose consequences are as yet hard to predict; the ongoing digital revolution is followed by automation and rapid technological change, with a concomitant restructuring of social communication and services, and, and we experience the largest migration flows in decades due to the war in Ukraine.







Last change 17/02/2023