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My research area lies on the intersection between three different disciplines applied to healthcare sector: policy, economics and management. I am interested in exploring different methodologies stemming from these disciplines to investigate how economic evaluation analysis can influence and shape decision making processes at macro (policy) and micro (management) levels. More specifically, my research activities revolve around two main streams: (i) use and impact of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) on decision making in healthcare and (ii) methodological issues in estimating outcomes and costs of healthcare technologies/programmes/services. Some of my most significant scientific achievements concern the impact of economic analysis on decision making in healthcare and my focus has been on exploring different methodological approaches to the issue (both quantitative (i.e. surveys, experiments) and qualitative (interviews)). With reference to the second research stream, in my research I adopt a perspective which combines economics and management disciplines for evaluation of costs and organizational impact of healthcare technologies.
Throughout my academic life I have explored all these issues with main focus on Western countries (mainly Europe), while recently I had the chance to expand my experience to studies in low-income settings.

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