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 Journal Articles 

  •  Volker Mahnke, Torben Pedersen and Markus Venzin, Does Knowledge Sharing Pay? An MNC Subsidiary Perspective on Knowledge Outflows, Advances in International Management (Elsevier), accepted for publication in 2009.
  •  Markus Venzin, Vikas Kumar and Jens Kleine, Internationalization of Retail Banks: A Micro-Level Study of the Multinationality-Performance Relationship, Management International Review, 2008/4, Vol . 48, pp. 463-485.
  •  Gabriella Lojacono and Markus Venzin, Economia & Management, 4/2008: "Da Export Manager a International Business Developer nelle PMI del sistema arredo", p. 54-55.
  •  Volker Mahnke, Markus Venzin and Shaker Zahra, Governing entrepreneurial opportunity recognition in the MNE: Aligning interests and cognition under uncertainty, Journal of Management Studies, 44:7 November 2007, pp. 1278-1298.
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