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I have been a faculty member of Bocconi U. since 1999 and a Professor of Management since 2008. Since 2012 I have been TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) Chair in Market Innovation. 

I am currently the Dean of the Facuty of Bocconi U. and before I was asked to serve in this position I had te privilege to serve as the Director of the Master in Business Administration (MBA) of SDA Bocconi School of Management (2012-2014) and as the Director of the PhD in Business Administration of Bocconi U. (2008-2011).

Between 2006 and 2013 I have had the pleasure to do research at Dartmouth College and teach in the MBA curriculum of the Tuck School of Business and in the less recent past I was a Visiting Scholar at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1997-1998). 

I currently serve in the editorial board of the Strategic Management Journal, Strategic Organization, Journal of Management, and Journal of Management Studies. I am also Associate Editor of Economia & Management the leading-quarterly Italian magazine on business and management.

I teach themes related to Technology and Innovation Management at different levels - Undergraduate, Master, Executive Education, and PhD curricula - and my research agenda is strictly linked to the strategic management of technology and innovation.  More particularly, the studies that I have published in the last years have analyzed the following themes (that are to different degrees intertwined).

(1) Strategic Orientation and Knowledge Integration in New Product Development: A historical problem in developing new products and managing innovation deals with different types of orientations (reactive vs. proactive; technology push vs. market pull) and the integration between functions that own specialized forms of knowledge (basic vs. applied research; R&D vs. Marketing). I am interested in untangling the problems behind these trade-offs and their impact on performance. Please see my articles on The Academy of Management Review (1999); Australian Economic History Review (2006); Long Range Planning (2008); and Journal of Product Innovation Management (2010).

(2) Open Innovation and User Entrepreneurship: Firms dealing with innovation are facing today a Copernican revolution: the process of innovation is getting more and more open compared to the one they were used to.This new setting has profound implications in terms of understanding who and how to involve in the process of innovation and how to protect their innovation from infringements of different kinds. I try to find an answer to these emerging problems.Please see my articles on MIT Sloan Management review (2003); Journal of Interactive Marketing (2005: runner up for best paper in the journal); Organization Studies (2006); and California Management Review (2006).See also my book Collaborating with Customers to Innovate and the case study on protecting Innovation in Low IPR regime (winner of the 2008 Best Bocconi U. case).

(3) Dynamic Capabilities and Strategic Renewal: Firms competing in industries facing globalization and technology disruption are challenged by the fact that when innovating they have to continuously change in order to avoid the core competency trap. For this reason I am interested in investigating what spurs firms to deploy (and what prevents them from deploying) their competences to explore new knowledge and to create new products.Please see my articles in Scandinavian Journal of Management (2002); Industrial and Corporate Change (2003; 2009); Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital (2006); and British Journal of Management (2009); Strategic Management Journal (2013); Organization Science (2013); Academy of Management Perspectives (In Press).

In the last two years I have also been attracted by how norms and institutions positively or negatively impact the innovation process.  I have two papers published in this field in teh Academy of management Journal and Strategic Management Journal.

I have also published a number of articles in Italian and I have authored five books in Italian with three different publishers: Egea, Carocci, and McGraw-Hill

I currently serve as one of teh four Editors of Strategic Organization and I am an editorial board member of Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management and Journal of Management Studies. 

Beyond my Professional Life...

Paola, Lorenzo and Alessandro are my unique joy and wonderful family. I am (still) a decent guitar and drum player and (no more) a good goalkeeper. I am an extravagant fan of Inter FC (yes, the team that won the Triplete in 2009 and the World Championship in 2010) and of Azzurri, which won the fourth championship title in 2006. I'm also a big fan of the amazing Spiderman of which I have collections of any inimaginable thing. With my lovely kids I have become in the last ten years a serial watcher of Pixar and Disney’s movies (if you have kids you know what I mean...)

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