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Working papers

The Effects of Fiscal Consolidations: Theory and Evidence
Francesco Giavazzi with Alberto Alesina, Omar Barbiero, Carlo Favero and Matteo Paradisi

November 2016, NBER Working Paper 23385

Last change 03/05/2017

The Household effects of Government Spending
Francesco Giavazzi with Michael McMahon

Last change 01/02/2012

Beyond the 13th Finance Commission: Challenges for Fiscal Policy in India
Francesco Giavazzi
April 14, 2011

Last change 27/07/2011

How large are the effects of tax changes?
Giavazzi Francesco with Carlo A. Favero

 August 2009, NBER Working paper no. 15303

Last change 08/11/2010

Egypt and the crisis
Giavazzi Francesco with Carlo A. Favero and Alessandro Missale

May 2009

Last change 10/11/2009

Debt and the effects of fiscal policy
Giavazzi Francesco with C.A. Favero

April 2007, NBER Working paper no. 12822

Last change 17/11/2010

Effetti non-Keynesiani delle politiche fiscali: quanto e' robusta l'evidenza empirica?
Giavazzi Francesco
Una rassegna, Società Italiana degli Economisti, Riunione scientifica annuale, Verona, 27 ottobre 2006

Last change 29/01/2009

Transparency, Risk Management and International Financial Fragility
Giavazzi Francesco with M. Draghi and R. Merton
June 2003, NBER Working paper no. 9806.

Last change 29/01/2009

Last change 15/09/2008