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Piero Veronese, after his university degree in "Discipline Economiche e sociali" at Bocconi University, received a Ph.D. in Statistics at Trento University. (He was one out of the first group of students to receive a Ph.D. in Italy). Initially researcher and then Associate Professor, in  2001 he covers the role of professor in Statistics at Bocconi University.

His main interest in research is Bayesian statistical inference and the comparison with other approaches. In particular: conjugate, default and reference prior distributions; test of hypothesis; predictive distributions; construction of statistical models; hierarchical models; compatible priors for Bayesian models comparison.

He is author of several articles for international journals including: The Annals of Statistics, Statistical Science, Journal of the American Statistical Association, Biometrika, Statistica Sinica.


He is a sportsman: "the important thing is to spend your free time outdoors". 


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