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Working papers


Gender and Bureaucratic Corruption: Evidence from two countries

R&R at the Journal of Law, Economics and Organization

Last change 25/06/2021

Corruption red flags in public procurement: new evidence from Italian calls for tenders
Decarolis Francesco with C. Giorgiantonio

link to Bank of Italy

Last change 24/07/2020

Past Performance and Procurement Outcomes
Decarolis Francesco with R. Pacini and G. Spagnolo

Last change 15/04/2020

Rules, Discretion, and Corruption in Procurement: Evidence from Italian Government Contracting
Decarolis Francesco with R. Fisman, P. Pinotti and S. Vannutelli

Last change 07/10/2019

Procurement Centralization in the EU: The Case of Italy
Decarolis Francesco with L. Castellani and G. Rovigatti

R&R at the Review of Industrial Organization 

CEPR Discussion Paper 12567, 2018

Last change 07/10/2019

Last change 20/12/2017