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Associate Professor
Department of Social and Political Sciences

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Biographical note

She received a degree in Biology (Specialization in Genetics and Molecular Biology) from the University of Pavia, Italy. She then moved to Vienna, Austria for a PhD in Genetics working at the Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP) on cancer genetics. After her PhD (1995-2000) she spent her post-doctoral fellowship at Cancer Research UK, in London, where she worked on the genetics of development (2000-2004). She then decided that it was time to shift to the social sciences, and, in order to gain new knowledge, she attended the Master in International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy (MIHMEP) at Bocconi University (2006). The course made her certain that studying public management and, in particular its applications to the healthcare sector, was exactly what she wanted to do.

Academic CV

Since September 2018 Academic Director, World Bachelor in Business (WBB), in collaboration with USC Marshall and HKUST

Since September 2015 Associate Professor in the Dept. of Social and Political Sciences (SPS) , Bocconi University

Assistant Professor (2009-2015) in the Dept. of Social and Political Sciences, Bocconi University

Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Administration and Healthcare (2008-2009), Bocconi University 

Since 2006, Research Fellow at the Center for Research in Health and Social Care Management (CeRGAS), Bocconi University

Member of Aom, EGOS, PMRA, IRSPM, EHPG. Member of the Genisap (Genetics in Public Health) Network


2018 Above and Beyond Duty Award as reviewer, OMT Division 

Research areas

Healthcare management, policy and management issues related to innovations in healthcare, professional dynamics in healthcare organizations



Main international publications:

Cappellaro, G., Compagni A., Vaara E. 2021. Maintaining strategic ambiguity for protection: Struggles over opacity, equivocality and absurdity around the Sicilian Mafia. Academy of Managment Journal, Vol. 64, No. 1, 1-37.

Bosa, I., Castelli, A., Castelli, M., Ciani, O., Compagni, A., Galizzi, M., Garofano M, Ghislandi S,  Giannoni M,  Marini G, Vainieri, M. 2021. Response to COVID-19: Was Italy (un)prepared? Health Economics, Policy and Law, 1-13. doi:10.1017/S1744133121000141

Bosa I, Castelli A, Castelli M, Ciani O, Compagni A, Galizzi MM, Garofano M, Ghislandi S,  Giannoni M,  Marini G,  Vainieri M, 2021. Corona-regionalism? Differences in regional responses to COVID-19 in Italy. Health Policy, Vol 125, Issue 9, 1179-1187,

Compagni A, Ricci A., Longo, F. 2020 Italy: Experiences of multi-level governance with the COVID-19 crisis. In Good Public Governance in a Global Pandemic (Eds. Joyce, Paul; Maron, Fabienne; Reddy, Purshottama Sivanarain) International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS), pp.317-326

Compagni A., Armeni P., Tasselli S. 2019. When peers count: The effects on integrated type II diabetes care of communication within general practitioner-only subgroups in interprofessional primary care teams. Health Care Management Review, 44(1):67-78

Cappellaro, G. Dacin T., Compagni A. 2018. Life beyond emergence: Institutional intermediaries and the persistence of hybrid forms. Academy of Management Proceedings, vol. 1, 2018 (best papers at the 2018 AoM conference)

This paper was shortlisted as best paper of the OMT Division 

Compagni A., Mele V. , Ravasi D. 2015. How early implementations influence later adoptions of innovation: Social positioning and skill reproduction in the diffusion of robotic surgery. Academy of Management Journal, 58,1, 242-278

This paper was awarded the 2015 Best Published Paper Award by the Organization and Management Theory (OMT) Division of the AoM

Armeni P.*, Compagni A. *, Longo F. 2014. Multi-professional primary care units: what affects the clinical performance of Italian general practitioners? Medical Care Research and Review, 71, 4, 315-336    [* P. Armeni and A. Compagni equally contributed to this work ]

This paper was awarded the 2014 Best Published Paper Award by the Italian Association of Health Economics (AIES)

Mele. V, Compagni, A., Cavazza M. 2014. Governing through Evidence: A Study of Technological Innovation in Health Care. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 24,4, 843-877

Compagni A., Melegaro A. Tarricone R. 2013. Genetic screening for the predisposition to venous thromboembolism: a cost-utility analysis of clinical practice in the Italian healthcare system. Value in Health 16, 6:909-921. [* A. Compagni and A. Melegaro equally contributed to this work ]

Borgonovi E., Compagni A. 2013. Sustaining universal health coverage: The intercation of social,political and economic sustainability. Value in Health 16,1, supplement, S34-S38.

This paper was awarded the Atlas "Research for a better world" Award by Elsevier 

Compagni, A. and Tediosi, F. 2012. Implementing performance-based funding for health research: when governance and procedural fairness matter. Public Administration 90: 313-334.

Compagni A., A. Melegaro, R. Tarricone. 2012. Systematic review of the economic literature on genetic testing for the prevention of venous thromboembolism. Italian Journal of Public Health 9:s36-s45

Fantini, M.P., Compagni, A.; Rucci, P.; Mimmi, S., Longo, F. 2012. General practitioners’ adherence to evidence-based guidelines: A multilevel analysis.  Health Care Management Review, 37: 67–76.

Compagni A, Gerzeli S, Bergamaschi M. 2011. The interplay between policy guidelines and local dynamics in shaping the scope of networks: the experience of the Italian Departments of Mental Health. Health Services Management Research, 24(1):45-54.

Mele V., and Compagni A. 2010. Explaining the unexpected success of the smoking ban in Italy: political strategy and transition to practice (2000-2005) Public Administration, 88: 819–835.

Villa S., Compagni A., Reich M. 2009. Orphan drug legislation: Lessons for neglected tropical diseases”  International Journal of Healthcare Planning and Management 24 (1): 27-42.

Adams N., Daniels A., Compagni A. 2009. International pathways to mental health transformation International Journal of Mental Health 38 (1):30-45.

Compagni A., Bartoli S., Buehrlen B., Fattore G., Ibarreta D., Gutierrez-Mesa E. 2008. Avoiding adverse drug reactions by pharmacogenetic testing: a systematic review of the economic evidence in the case of TPMT and AZA-induced side-effects. International Journal of Technology Assessment in Healthcare 24 (3): 1-9.

Compagni A., Cavalli L., Jommi C., 2008. Pharmaceutical companies and Italian Regional Governments: Managing relationships in an increasing institutional complexity. Health Policy, 87: 333-341.

Carroll CD, Manderscheid RW, Daniels A, Compagni A. 2006. Convergence of service, policy, and science toward consumer-driven mental health care. Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics 9:185-92.

Compagni A., and Manderscheid R.W. 2006. A neuroscientist-consumer alliance to transform mental health care. Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research 33: 265-74

Main publications in Italian:

Carbone C., Compagni A., Corsalini E., “Logiche e strumenti per la valutazione dell’integrazione Territorio-Ospedale- Territorio: un analisi su tre percorsi”, Mecosan, 2012, n.83: 23-43.

Bargna, E., Compagni, A., Frisone, E. Team infermieristici di comunità ed empowerment: studio di tre casi nella realtà italiana (2011) Mecosan, 20: 9-28.

Compagni, A., Tediosi, F., Tozzi, V.D. L'integrazione tra ospedale e territorio nelle Aziende Sanitarie. Rapporto OASI 2010, 519-38.

Jommi C., Compagni A., Cavalli L. La gestione del cliente pubblico nelle imprese farmaceutiche: public affairs regionali e key account manager” (2008) Economia & Management 5: 101-113.

Books and extended reports

Tediosi F., Compagni A. Analisi del sistema di finanziamento della ricerca sanitaria in Italia (2010) Publisher: Franco Angeli

Compagni A., Adams N., Daniels, A. International pathways to mental health system transformation: strategies and challenges” (2007, CiMH Monograph Series)