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Department of Management and Technology

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Biographical note

Rome, September 24th, 1961. Degree in Economics from the Università di Genova. MA in Economics from New York University. PhD in Economics from Stanford University.

Academic CV

Professor of Management and Head of the Department of Management and Technology. I study firm strategy, particularly technology strategy and the impact of innovation on industry structures. I published on national and international journals. My best known book is Markets for Technology (2001, MIT Press, with A.Arora and A.Fosfuri). I am Department Editor of Business Strategy at Management Science (with Joshua Gans), Fellow of the Strategic Management Society, and Research Fellow of CEPR, London. I was Chair of the Business Policy and Strategy Division of the US Academy of Mangement in 2015-16, and visiting professor of the Department of Economics of Stanford University (1995-96, 2003 and 2005) and of the Sloan School of MIT (2015-16).

Research areas

Strategy. Innovation. Management.



Selected Journal Articles

  • Profiting from Enabling Technologies? (with S. Heaton, E. Novelli and D. Teece), Strategy Science, forthcoming
  • Value Lab: A Tool for Entrepreneurial Strategy (with T. Felin and T. Zenger), Management & Business Review, forthcoming
  • Lean Start-up and the Business Model: Experimentation Revisited (with T. Felin, S. Stern and T. Zenger), Long Range Planning, 2020, open access https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0024630119301505?via%3Dihub
  • Managing Autonomy in Industrial R&D: A Project-Level Investigation (with P. Khashabi and C. Panico), Organization Science, 2020  
  • A Scientific Approach to Entrepreneurial Decision Making: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial (with A. Camuffo, A. Cordova and C. Spina), Management Science, 2020
  • Open-Sourcing as a Profit-Maximizing Strategy for Downstream Firms (with E. Von Hippel), Strategy Science, 2019, open access https://pubsonline.informs.org/doi/pdf/10.1287/stsc.2018.0075
  • Specializing in Generality: Firm Strategies When Intermediate Factor Markets Work (with R. Conti and E.Novelli), Organization Science, 2019, open access https://pubsonline.informs.org/doi/pdf/10.1287/orsc.2018.1243 
  • Specializing in General-Purpose Technologies as a Firm Long-Term Strategy (with R. Conti and E. Novelli) Industrial and Corporate Change, 2019
  • The Economic Value of Patent Portfolios (with D. Harhoff and B. Verspagen), Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 2017
  • The User Innovation Paradigm: Implications for Markets and Welfare (with C. Raasch and E. Von Hippel), Management Science, 2017, open access http://pubsonline.informs.org/doi/pdf/10.1287/mnsc.2015.2393
  • Using, Blocking, and Sleeping Patents: Empirical Evidence from a Large Inventor Survey (with S. Torrisi, P. Giuri, D. Harhoff, K. Hoisl and M. Mariani), Research Policy, 2016
  • Bribery and Investment: Firm-Level Evidence from Africa and Latin America (with A. Birhanu and G. Valentini), Strategic Management Journal, 2016 ... check the video abstract
  • Using What You Know: Patented Knowledge and Incumbent Firms in Employee Entrepreneurship (with M. Ganco and F. Honorè), Organization Science, 2015
  • Bibliometric Evaluation and Informed Peer Review: Evidence from Italy (with G Bertocchi, T. Jappelli, C. Nappi, and .Peracchi), Research Policy, 2015
  • Strategic Incentives to Human Capital (with C.Panico e G.Valentini), Strategic Management Journal, 2015 ... check the video abstract
  • On the Management of Open Innovation (with C.Panico), Research Policy, 2014 
  • Learning to Be Edison: Inventors, Organizations and Breakthrough Inventions (with R.Conti and M.Mariani), Organization Science, 2014
  • The Economic Value of Patented inventions: Thoughts and Open Questions, International Journal of Industrial Organizations, 2013
  • Research on Markets for Inventions and Implications for R&D Allocation Strategies (with R.Conti and E.Novelli), Academy of Management Annals, 2013
  • General Technological Capabilities, Product Market Fragmentation, and Markets for Technology (with M.Giarratana), Research Policy, 2013
  • Technology Push and Demand Pull Perspectives in Innovation Studies: Current Findings and Future Research Directions (with G.Di Stefano and G.Verona), Research Policy, 2012
  • Localized Knowledge Spillovers and Skill-Biased Performance" (with M.Giarratana), Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 2010
  • Ideas for Rent: An Overview of Markets for Technology (with A.Arora), Industrial and Corporate Change, 2010
  • Business-Model Innovation, General Purpose Technologies, Specialization and Industry Change (with A.McGahan), Long Range Planning, 2010
  • How and When Should Companies Retain their Human Capital? Contracts, Incentives, and Human Resource Implications (with M.Giarratana and C.Panico), Industrial and Corporate Change, 2010
  • Organizational Attributes and the Distribution of Rewards in a Region: Managerial Firms vs Knowledge Clusters (with M.Giarratana), Organization Science, 2010
  • A Breadth of Fresh Air: Firm Type, Scale and Selection Effects in Drug Development (with A.Arora, L.Magazzini and F.Pammolli), Management Science, 2009
  • How Provincial is Your Region? Openness and Regional Performance in Europe (with M.Mariani and S.Torrisi), Regional Studies, 2009
  • The Value of European Patents (with D.Harhoff and B.Verspagen), European Management Review, 2008
  • The Market for Patents in Europe (with P.Giuri and A.Luzzi), Research Policy, 2007
  • Inventors and Invention Processes in Europe. Results from the PatVal-EU Survey (with P.Giuri et al.), Research Policy, 2007
  • Proprietory vs Public Domain Licensing of Software and Research Products (with B.Hall), Research Policy, 2006
  • Old Economy Inputs for New Economy Outputs: Cluster Formation in the New Silicon Valles (with T.Bresnahan and A.Saxenian), Industrial and Corporate Change, 2001
  • Specialised Technology Suppliers, International Spillovers and Investments: Evidence from the Chemical Industry (with A.Arora and A.Fosfuri), Journal of Development Economics, 2001
  • Domestic Markets and International Competitiveness: Generic and Product Specific Competencies in the Engineering Sector (with A.Arora), Strategic Management Journal, 1997
  • Evaluating Technological Information and Utilizing It (with A.Arora), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 1994
  • The Changing Technology of Technical Change: General and Abstract Knowledge and the Division of Innovative Labour (with A.Arora), Research Policy, 1994
  • Competitive Advantages from In-house Basic Research, Research Policy, 1992
  • Complementarity and External Linkages: The Strategies of the Large Firms in Biotechnology (with A.Arora), Journal of Industrial Economics, 1990

Selected Books

  • Decidere per competere (with A. Camuffo), Vol.15, series L’Economia del Corriere della Sera, Università Bocconi, Milano, 2018
  • Innovazione e Sviluppo: Miti da Sfatare, Realtà da Costruire, Egea, 2009
  • From Underdog to Tigers: The Rise of the Software Industry in Some Emerging Economies (editor, with A.Arora), Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005
  • Building High-Tech Clusters: Silicon Valley and Beyond (editor, with T. Bresnahan), Cambridge UK: Cambridge University Press, 2004
  • Markets for Technology: The Economics of Innovation and Corporate Strategy, (with A.Arora and A. Fosfuri), Cambridge MA: MIT Press, 2001
  • Science and Innovation: The US Pharmaceutical Industry in the 1980s, Cambridge UK: Cambridge University Press, 1995

Other publications

Working paper

  • Small Changes with Big Impact: Experimental Evidence of a Scientific Approach to the Decision-Making of Entrepreneurial Firms (with A. Camuffo and C. Spina), CEPR DP 14909
  • Managing Spillovers in Project Selection (with A. Francetich), CEPR DP 12946

Other articles

  • The Value of Precision for Entrepreneurial Decisions (with A. Camuffo and A. Cordova), Vox, Jan 6, 2018