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Biographical note

Born in Messina. Graduated in law at Messina University. LL.M at College of Europe in Bruges. Full Professor of Constitutional Law. Member of the Executive Board, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, Vienna. Board Member, Digital Library, Ministry of Culture. Member of the European Commission Sounding Board of the Multistakeholder in the fight against online disinformation. Participant to the Conseil of Europe Ad Hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAHAI). Italian member of the OECD Global Partneship on Artificial Intelligence. Admitted as a Barrister of Supreme Italian Courts.


Academic CV

  • Full Professor of Constitutional Law
  • Director of the LLM “Law of Internet Technologies”
  • Co-director RULES Bocconi Research Centre Baffi-Carefin
  • Italian Member of the Managing Board of the European Agency for Fundamental Rights 
  • Independent Expert at the Global Partnership for Artificial Intelligence
  • Member of EU Commission Sounding Board of the Multistakeholder Forum on disinformation 

Director of the publishing series:

  • Law and Policy of the New Media, Aracne, Rome


  • Medialaws Review: rivista di diritto dei media,

Editorial board member of:

  • Global Privacy Law Journal
  • Zeitschrift für öffentliches Recht (Journal of Public Law, ZöR)
  • Opinio Juris in Comparatione
  • European Law Journal
  • Giustizia Insieme,
  • Diritto Penale Contemporaneo,
  • Bocconi Legal Papers, Review of the Bocconi Law School,
  •, focus media,

Visiting scholarship and professorship:

  • Recurrent visiting scholar at the Institute of European and Comparative Law, Law Faculty, Oxford
  • Recurrent visiting scholar at Central European University, Budapest
  • Recurrent visiting scholar (and visiting professorship) at Haifa Law School (Global law Program), Haifa University
  • Visiting professorship at University of Fribourg, Switzerland


Appointments at the (national and international) academic level:

  • Expert in training judges in the topic of hate speech and disinformation, National Academy for Judges
  • Co-director RULES, Bocconi Research Centre Baffi-Carefin
  • President of the national commission for the selection of the director of the Institute of legal informatics and judicial systems
  • Co-Director of Research Group “Algorithmic State, Society and Market – Constitutional Dimensions” at IACL (International Association of Constitutional Law)
  • Co-Director of Research Group “Internet and Constitution” at IACL (International Association of Constitutional Law)
  • Elected associate member of the International Academy of Comparative Law, 2017.
  • National Reporteur “Digital Single Market” at FIDE (Fédération Internationale pour le Droit Européen) World Congress, Lisbon, Portugal, 2018, appointed in 2017.
  • National Rapporteur “Right to Be Forgotten at IACL World Congress (International Academy of Comparative Law), Fukuoka, Japan, 2018, appointed in 2017.
  • National Rapporteur “Internet Service Provider Liability” at IACL (International Academy of Comparative Law) World Congress (International Academy of Comparative Law), Wien, Austria, 2014, appointed in 2013.


Appointments at European and international Institutions:

  • Members Consultative Committee (MCC) of the ELI project on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Public Administration – Developing Impact Assessments and Public Participation for Digital Democracy, 2020
  • Appointed by Italy as Independent Expert at the Global Partnership for Artificial Intelligence, 2020.
  • Appointed by Italy as Independent Member of the Managing Board of the European Agency for Fundamental Rights, 2020.
  • Member of the Sounding Board of the Multistakeholder Forum on disinformation online, appointed by EU Commission, 2018
  • Member of the Multistakeholder Forum on Disinformation, appointed by the DG Connect of EU Commission, 2018.
  • Member of the High-Level Expert Group on Fake News of the European Commission, Appointed by the General Director of DG Connect, 2017
  • National expert appointed by the Council of Europe, Directorate of Internal Oversight, 2015.
  • National legal expert appointed by the Council of Europe, Directorate Human Rights and Rule of law, 2015.
  • Expert valuator at the Commission of the European Union, H2020 GERI call (Science with and for Society 2014-2015 Work Program), 2015.
  • Independent legal expert at OSCE, Representative on Freedom of the Media, Vienna, 2014.
  • Expert valuator appointed by the Commission of the European Union, for the call FP7-SiS-2013-1, Structural Change and Gender Mainstreaming, DG Research & Innovation, 2013.
  • National Expert for Italy in a “fact-check” project carried out by the Center for Media and Communication Studies (CMCS) of the Central European University on the very controversial new Hungarian media law, 2012.

Appointments at national Institutions:

  • Member of the Board of Directors of Istituto centrale per la digitalizzazione del patrimonio culturale – Digital Library, 2021
  • Member of the scientific committee of Fondazione Leonardo, 2019.
  • Member of the Group of Experts for the drafting of a national strategy on Artificial Intelligence, Ministry of Economic Development, 2019.
  • Member of the Ministry Commission of experts dealing with the domestic application of the General Data Protection Regulation, appointed by the Minister of Justice.
  • Coordinator of Internet and Fundamental Rights Section, Italian Association of Comparative law, 2017.
  • Member of the Hiring Tenure and Promotion Commission, Bocconi University, 2017.
  • Expert appointed by the Ministry of Justice, revision of the directive on digital content, 2016.
  • Legal expert for the drafting of the white book on the protection digital contents by the National Authority of Communications, 2016.
  • Legal expert appointed by the Ministry of the Economic Development, technical table on Net Neutrality, 2015.
  • Member of the High-Level Expert Group for the elaboration of the national strategy on artificial intelligence, appointed in 2018.

Research areas

European and Comparative Constitutional Law; Media Law; Internet Law, Life Science Law; Law and Cinema.



a) Monographs 

  • Judicial Protection of Fundamental Rights in Internet. Towards Digital Constitutionalism?, Hart Publishing (expected in 2021)
  • (With G. Pitruzzella), Hate speech and Fake news. A Comparative Constitutional Perspective, Bocconi University Press, 2020, 1-167
  • (With G.E. Vigevani, C. Melzi D’Eril, M. Cuniberti, M. Bassini), Diritto dell’informazione (Information Law, in Italian), Giappichelli, 1-421
  • (With G. Pitruzzella, S. Quintarelli), Parole e potere. Libertà d'espressione, Hate Speech e Fake News (Words and Power. Freedom of expression, Hate Speech and Fake News, in Italian), Egea, 2017, 1-146
  • (With E. Apa), Modeling the Liability of Internet Service ProvidersGoogle versus Vividown:  A Constitutional Perspective, Egea, 2013, 1-170
  • (With G. Martinico), The Interaction between Europe's Legal Systems: Judicial Dialogue and the Creation of Supranational Laws, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2012, 1-350
  • Allargamento dell’Europa ad est e rapporti tra Corti costituzionali e Corti europee. Verso una teoria generale dell’impatto interordinamentale del diritto sovranazionale? (Enlargment of Europe to East and Relationship between Constitutional and European Courts: Toward a General Theory of the National Impact of the Supranational Law?, in Italian) Giuffrè, 2010, 1-570
  • (With G. Camera), La legge è uguale, anche sul web. Dietro le quinte del caso Google-Vividown, (All are equal before the Law, also in Internet: Google versus Vividown, in Italian) Egea, 2010, 1-170
  • Discriminazione sulla base del sesso e trattamento preferenziale nel diritto comunitario: un profilo giurisprudenziale alla ricerca del nucleo duro del new legal order (Discrimination on the ground of sex and preferential treatment in European Law, in Italian) Fondazione Marco “Marco Biagi”, Giuffrè, 2005, 1-330

b) Edited books 

  • (With R. Adorno, M. Ienca, L. Liguori, E. Stefanini), The Cambridge Handbook of Life Sciences, Information Technology and Human Rights, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2020
  • (With H. Micklitz, A. Reichman, G. Sartor, A. Simoncini, G. De Gregorio), Constitutional Challenges of the Algorithmic Society, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming, 2021
  • (With G. De Gregorio), Blockchain and Public Law: Global Challenges in the Era of Decentralisation, Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2020
  • (With G. Finocchiaro, G. Resta, R. D’Orazio), Il sistema delle fonti nella protezione dei dati personali (The source system in data protection, in Italian), Giuffrè, forthcoming, 2020
  • (With V. Falce, J. Cannataci), New Legal Challenges of Big Data, Edward Elgar, forthcoming, 2020
  • (With M. Bassini, G.M. Riccio), Copyright versus (other) Fundamental Rights in the Digital Age. A Comparative Analysis in Search of a Common Constitutional Ground, Edward Elgar, forthcoming, 2020
  • (With G. De Minico), Virtual Freedom – Terrorism – The Law, Routledge, forthcoming, 2020
  • (With E. Apa, G. Abbamonte), Il nuovo quadro regolamentare del mercato audiovisivo europeo (The new regulatory of the European audiovisual market, in Italian), Giappichelli, 2019, 1-232
  • (With A. De Franceschi, M. Graziadei and others), Digital Revolution - New Challenges for Law, C.H. Beck and Nomos, 2019, 1-343
  • (With M. Bassini), Corti europee e democrazia. Rule of law, indipendenza e accountability (European Courts and democracy. Rule of law, independence and accountability, in Italian)Bocconi Editore, 2019, 1-139
  • (With V. Piccone), L'applicazione giudiziale della Carta dei diritti fondamentali nell'ordinamento italiano (The judicial enforcement of the Charter of Fundamental Rights in the Italian legal order, in Italian), Editoriale Scientifica, 2018, 1-380
  • (With G.F. Ferrari, L. Cuocolo, A. Vedaschi), Lezioni di diritto pubblico (Lectures in Public Law, in Italian), Egea, 2018, 1-430
  • (With G. Campus, M. Franzosi), Il Digital Single Market e i Cloud Services (The Digital Single Market and Cloud services, in Italian), Aracne, 2018, 1-376
  • (With T.E. Frosini, E. Apa, M. Bassini), Diritti e libertà in Internet (Rights and freedoms in Internet, in Italian), Le Monnier, 2017, 1-450
  • (With. G. Busia, L. Liguori), Le nuove frontiere della privacy nelle tecnologie digitali: bilanci e prospettive (The new frontiers of privacy in digital technologies: considerations and perspectives, in Italian), Aracne, 2017, 1-652
  • (With R. Mastroianni, O. Razzolini, S. Allegrezza, F. Pappalardo), Commentario alla Carta dei Diritti Fondamentali dell’Unione europea (Commentary to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, in Italian), Giuffrè, 2016, 1-1220
  • (With M. Bassini, V. Lubello), Identità ed eredità digitali (Digital inheritance and digital identity, in Italian), Aracne, 2016, 1-176
  • (With R. Franzosi, G. Campus), Internet and Copyright protection in the European perspective. The Digital Single Market Copyright, Aracne, 2016, 1-320
  • (With G. Romeo), Internet Law, Protection of Fundamental Rights and Constitutional Adjudication, Routledge, 2016, 1-400
  • (With E. Apa), Codice della Comunicazione Digitale (Code of Digital Information, in Italian), II edizione, Egea, 2015, 1-728
  • (With M. Bassini), Verso un Internet Bill of Rights? (Towards an Internet Bill of Rights?, in Italian), Aracne, 2015, 1-144
  • (With E. Apa), La Regolamentazione dei contenuti digitali. Studi per i primi 15 anni dell’Autorità per la Garanzia delle Comunicazioni (The Regulation of Digital ContentsThe first 15 years of the activity of the Italian Communication Authority, in Italian), Aracne, 2015, 1-512
  • (With S. Gobbato), Eventi sportivi e diritti audiovisivi. Le esclusive tra concorrenza e regolazione (Sport rights between antitrust and regulation, in Italian), Aracne, 2014, 1-132
  • (With E. Bertolini and V. Lubello), Internet: Regole e tutela dei diritti fondamentali(Internet: Regulation and Protection of Fundamental Rights, in Italian), Aracne, 2013, 1-204
  • (With A. Mazzaro), Tutela del copyright e della privacy sul web: quid iuris?, (Copyright versus Privacy in Internet, Quid Iuris?, in Italian), Aracne, 2012, 1-271
  • (With E. Apa), Codice della Comunicazione Digitale (Code of Digital Information, in Italian), 2012, Egea, 1-728
  • Class Actions nel diritto comparato (Class Actions in Comparative Law, in Italian) in Diritto Pubblico Comparato ed Europeo, 3/2012, 1107-1350
  • (With G. Martinico), The National Judicial Treatment of Supranational Laws. A Comparative Perspective, Groningen, Europa Law Publishing, 2010, 1-511

Articles in Legal Journals and Chapters in Books (selection) 

  • Populist Constitutional Grammar, between Manipulative Borrowing and Bad (Judicial) Masters, in in A. Czarnota, M. Krygier, W. Sadurski (eds), Constitutional Populism, forthcoming, 2021
  • (With G. De Gregorio), The Principle of the Rule of Law in the Regulation of AI, in Pablo García Mexía and Francisco Pérez Bes (eds), Artificial Intelligence and the Law, forthcoming, 2021
  • Costituzionalismo, privacy e neurodiritti, (Constitutionalism, privacy and ‘neuro-rights’), in Medialaws Rivista di Diritto dei Media, no. 1/2021
  • (With G. Martinico) Taming National Identity. A Contextualised Reading of Art. 4.2 TEU, in Yearbook of European Law, 2020
  • (With F. Nicola) The Balkanization of Data Privacy Regulation, in Western Virginia Law Review, forthcoming 2020
  • Data Protection and Freedom of Expression Beyond EU borders: EU Judicial Perspectives, in F. Fabbrini and E. Celeste (eds), Data Protection beyond Borders. Transatlantic Perspectives on Extraterritoriality and Sovereignty, Hart, forthcoming, 2020
  • (With A. Morelli), Metaphors, Judicial Frames and Fundamental Rights in Cyberspace, in American Journal of Comparative Law, forthcoming, 2020
  • (With G. De Gregorio, L. Somaini), Europe at the Crossroad: The Regulatory Conundrum to Face the Raise and Amplification of False Content in Internet, in The Global Community Yearbook of International Law and Jurisprudence 2019, forthcoming, 2020
  • (With E. Apa), Free Speech and the Right of Publicity on Social Media, in C. Goanta and S. Ranchordas (eds), The Regulation of Social Media Influencers, Edward Elgar, forthcoming, 2020
  • (With G. De Gregorio), Hate Speech: Una prospettiva di diritto comparato (Hate Speech: A Comparative Law Perspective, in Italian), in Giornale di diritto ammnistrativo, 2019, 421-436
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  • Legal reasoning of the Court of Justice in the Context of Principle of Equality Between Judicial Activism and self-restraint, in German Law Journal, 2004, 283-317

Blog entries

  • (With M. Bassini, G. Finocchiaro), L’Ue verso il Digital Services Act: quale equilibrio tra democrazia e potere, (The EU towards the Digital Services Act: what balance between democracy and power), in Agenda Digitale, 2021
  • (With G. De Gregorio), Shedding Light on the Darkness of Content Moderation. The First Decisions of the Facebook Oversight Board, in, 2021
  • Piattaforme digitali e libertà di espressione: l’ora zero, (Digital platforms and freedom of expression: the time zero) in, 2021
  • (With G. De Gregorio), L’alba di nuove responsabilità sulle piattaforme digitali: il Digital Services Act (The dawn of new responsibilities on digital platforms: the Digital Services Act), Agenda Digitale, 2020
  • (With G. De Gregorio), Constitutional Democracy in the Age of Algorithms: The Implications of Digital Private Powers on the Rule of Law in Times of Pandemics, in IACL blog, 2020
  • (With J. Zenti), È arrivato finalmente il tempo della Italian Human Rights Institution?, (Is time up for the Italian Human Rights Institution?), in Diritti Comparati, 2020
  • Diabolical Persistent. Thoughts on the Schrems II Decisions, in, 2020
  • Capitalismo e umanesimo digitali nella stagione della pandemia: la via europea (Digital capitalism and humanism in the pandemic season: the European road, in Italian) in, 2020